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UK publishers are banding together to get clarity on GroupM’s GDPR policy

The Association of Online Publishers and some of its members will meet with GroupM at the end of this month to discuss the terms of the data protection contract the agency group has asked its suppliers to sign in preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation according to Digiday. The AOP and GroupM both confirmed the meeting.

Some publishers have concerns about what they regard as ambiguous terms in GroupM’s Data Protection Addendum, plus the agency group’s warning that it would likely cease trading with them if they didn’t sign the contract, in order to protect GroupM’s GDPR compliance.

The aim of the AOP-led meeting with GroupM is to iron out gray areas in the contract, so publishers can fully understand what it requires and then decide if they are willing to sign it, according to Richard Reeves, managing director of the AOP.

The question of who should shoulder liability under the GDPR has become seriously blurred over the last few months, with companies trying to pass liability up and down the supply chain for months. Publishers are classified as data controllers under the GDPR because they are the source of audience data and therefore have a direct relationship with users, meaning they are in a strong position to ask for users’ consent to track their online behavior.

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