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UK and US publishers agree: Video is where the money is

Most U.K. and U.S. respondents picked video as the No. 1 revenue driver for 2017. More than half of U.K. publishers and 56 percent of American publishers cited better-quality creative as the primary driver.

British national newspaper group Trinity Mirror is seeing the lion’s share of ad budgets weighted toward video, according to programmatic director Amir Malik. “There’s a huge internal push within news publishers to the production of video content and to accompany every article, by principle, with a video,” he said.

Yet video in the U.K. is still hampered by a lack of supply. Scaling it isn’t easy — and just saying that video is the predicted core revenue won’t make it true.

“There’s no doubt video is playing a more vital role, but many publishers don’t have video inventory. There’s also a quality issue when it comes to production. It’s not an easy thing to scale,” said Rob Bradley, data and digital revenue director, CNN International’s commercial unit.

“The U.K. market lags behind the U.S. The viewability conversations and optimizations to improve mobile advertising by improving the page-load times have already happened Stateside,” said The Economist’s global head of digital products revenue, Ashwin Sridhar.

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