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70% of Financial Times’ readers are outside the UK: Here’s how it’s driving global growth

The Financial Times topped 1M subscribers this year, a goal it had aimed to reach in 2020. When asked about the challenge of reaching the next million, as other publishers also up their game, the FT’s CEO John Ridding said, “The opportunity is well, well beyond 1 million.”  He could have added that it also […]

How to start a podcast: First steps

Thinking about starting a podcast? Well, there are currently around 700,000 active podcasts and more than 29 million episodes for people to download. So the competition is pretty fierce. Yet don’t let the numbers put you off. As media companies have demonstrated time and time again there is a still a huge appetite among consumers […]

Why should publishers start a podcast?

If you’re reading this article on What’s New in Publishing, it’s safe to assume that you’re a publisher with some level of interest in starting a podcast. Podcasts have been one of the real bright spots in publishing recently, with 75% of ‘digital leaders’ expecting audio news content such as podcasts to become an increasingly […]

Reader Revenue

50 Ways to Make Media Pay: Report Download

What’s New in Publishing is proud to present 50 Ways to Make Media Pay, a special insight report sponsored by Sovrn and written by regular WNiP contributor and University of Oregon Professor, Damian Radcliffe.   From ecommerce to affiliate partnerships, programmatic to native ads, paywalls to micropayments, exhibitions to cruises, this free report aims to spark new ideas as well as […]

Opinion: Why more publishers should incorporate dynamic paywalls to improve personalisation and loyalty

In July this year, Google launched version 76 of Chrome, fixing an existing loophole that allowed publishers and other site owners to detect readers who were browsing in incognito mode. However, a consequence of closing this loophole meant that many publishers suddenly found their paywalls unlocked; WNIP estimates that as many as 33% of paywalls […]

The NYT is the latest publisher to put up a registration wall

US newspaper The New York Times has become the latest publisher to put up a hard registration wall, following extensive registration and log-on tests last month. Visitors to any of the publisher’s articles are now met by a request to keep reading by creating a free account, or by logging in. Many of the articles […]

Audience Engagement

The evolution of yellow journalism (and why it matters)

Let’s talk about human nature for a moment. In November 1849, a well known English writer and social critic wrote a letter to the British daily newspaper The Times after he was left deeply shook by an unfortunate event that happened in front of a local prison in South London. Namely, around 30,000 people gathered there to […]

Q&A: BlueToad, pioneering Amazon Polly’s NTTS for publishers

BlueToad is a technology company based in Orlando, Florida and has evolved into a single platform for responsive digital editions and web content. The company caught the eye of WNIP again last month when it was selected as launch partner for Amazon Polly’s Neural Text-to-Speech (NTTS) technology that offers publishers realistic listening experiences. We caught up […]

How to start a podcast: First steps

Thinking about starting a podcast? Well, there are currently around 700,000 active podcasts and more than 29 million episodes for people to download. So the competition is pretty fierce. Yet don’t let the numbers put you off. As media companies have demonstrated time and time again there is a still a huge appetite among consumers […]

Digital Innovation

The importance of product thinking for news

In the past decade or so, the number of platforms that news needs to be on has exploded. Gone are the days of focusing only on print and digital. Now publishers need to manage a variety of different news products all at once, which means product thinking has become ever more important. Anyone in a […]

“If publishers crumble, everything crumbles”: Privacy, publishing, and rebuilding ad tech

Over the last few years, the advertising and publishing industries have been on a crusade to reinvent ad tech, spurred by everything from breaks in the value chain, changing publisher priorities, the availability of new tech solutions, international legislation and more. There’s a sense that ad tech is transitioning to a more mature form; one […]

Turning fake news against itself: AI tool can detect disinformation with 92% accuracy

Fake news is already a massive problem worldwide and with continuing improvements in content generation tools powered by artificial intelligence we are not far from the era of neural fake news i.e., fake news generated by AI. That would make it an even more formidable challenge for publishers.  Currently, bots are being used to spread […]


How would it impact publishers if Facebook ditches the Like count?

First, Instagram started hiding the Like count. It began the experiment in Canada, and has further expanded the test in more countries, including Italy, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.  It appears the experiment has demonstrated the desired results, and now Facebook is thinking about hiding Like counts, too. “The fact that Facebook is following suit […]

Outsized influence: The size of social media platforms has little to do with their referral traffic

I often wonder if the allure of a social platform is worth the hype. My interests as an analyst and content strategist sometimes feel at odds with my interests as a user and consumer. The strategist in me wants to understand how trends in social media influence a business’s potential to grow. The user in […]

After 30% uplift in subscriptions, publishers roll out ‘Subscribe with Google’

About a year ago, Google announced ‘Subscribe with Google’—a simple way to subscribe to news publications and maintain access everywhere: websites, apps, even search results. ‘Subscribe with Google’, according to the company, is “designed to help publishers drive conversions and engage existing subscribers across Google and the web.” How does it work? “Subscribe with Google […]


What publishers should know about brand safety risks

Two recent surveys on how consumers respond to brands’ advertising in close proximity to extreme or dangerous content highlight the financial risk to those who ignore brand safety guidelines when it comes to advertising. It also discovered that consumers define brand safety more broadly than expected, including issues such as ad-related piracy, malware and even […]

Programmatic revenue grows by 33% to €16.7bn. Ads.txt sees high publisher adoption: IAB Europe

IAB Europe, the leading European-level industry association for the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem, today announced the launch of its annual ‘Attitudes to Programmatic Advertising’ report, alongside its programmatic market-sizing research.  Now in its fifth year, the report is the most comprehensive analysis of the European programmatic landscape, covering strategies and adoption trends, drivers of […]

Ads for good: Inside Positive News’ Brands of Inspiration

Positive News are the “pioneers of constructive journalism,” with a website and magazine dedicated to telling the stories of progress, possibility and solutions in an increasingly chaotic world. It is a co-operative owned by readers and journalists worldwide, with more than 1,500 people investing in the publication through their 2015 #OwnTheMedia crowdfunding campaign.  As you’d […]