Spotify VP of EMEA Marco Bertozzi on Spotify’s evolving ad business

This week’s guest is Marco Bertozzi, who is the Vice President of EMEA Sales & Multi-Market Global Sales at Spotify. He talks to us about how Spotify’s ad business has evolved from the early days, why the company believes strongly in the future of podcasting, and what the audience’s relationship is like with advertising in […]

Why brands are changing their tune about podcast advertising

Though it’s been around in some form for well over a decade, podcasting has sort of limped along in its evolution. Unlike other digital advertising manifestations – such as search or social media – which enjoyed meteoric rises, podcasting has sporadically entered and exited the consciousness of marketers since its inception. Today it accounts for […]

1,174% growth in pure-play ad spend: Report says digital ads will continue to drive growth

Pure-play ad spending in the UK is estimated to have grown by 1,174 per cent in a little over a decade. Between 2005 and 2019, Group M, IAB, PwC, and the Advertising Association report that digital forms of advertising, particularly pure-play, will continue to be one of the main drivers of growth in ad spending. Digital as […]


Bo Sacks: The newsstand is not irrelevant

Why is our industry always seeming to be at a crossroads of crisis when it comes to the newsstand part of our industry? When I got into the magazine game in the 1970s the newsstand was in some parts corrupt and yet reliable and profitable. Once you figured out the “system” you could do very […]

Sovrn raises $25M to broaden its range of publisher solutions

Sovrn, which offers products and services to more than 25,000 independent online publishers, has raised upwards of $25M to accelerate its move towards a more diverse range of publisher solutions – both through acquisition and internal investment. The company, which was born out of Federated Media and renamed in 2014, is best known for its ad tech […]

How publishers are navigating the perilous path to diversification

Many quality publishers are navigating the “valley of death” on their migration from an advertising-funded model to one more reliant on direct reader revenue. It’s not a journey that they’ll all survive. But publishers are being driven by the realization that solely ad-funded models won’t work in the age of platform intermediaries and tech giants, which […]


Opinion: Digital transformation isn’t just a tech project, it’s an organisational culture project

According to IBM, “Any digital transformation project is going to take around four years, and 85% of them fail.” It’s a statistic that’s been doing the rounds since 2016 but many publishers are still scratching their heads looking for ways to increase their chances of success. Why is it so hard? Having existing legacy businesses […]

Opinion: 10 digital advertising trends to look for in 2019

In the first half of 2018, advertisers spent $49.5 billion on digital ads. IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg declared that this record “cements digital advertising…as one of the most powerful mechanisms of all time for brands to build relationships with consumers.”  New technologies and new ways to use them are the hottest topics in the industry […]

3 rules for a successful digital news product strategy

As we get closer to the end of the year, we know more and more publishers are planning their strategies for 2019. For many, this means a renewed focus on their digital products. As inspiration, we have three rules for a successful digital news product strategy. #1: Develop around your audience One of the key essentials […]


Q&A: The launch of the International Magazine Centre

Founded by ex-PPA Scotland employee and magazine enthusiast Nikki Simpson, The International Magazine Centre is a hub for the international magazine community and its affiliated industries of marketing, advertising, design, photography, journalism, data, events, illustration and more. Globally unique, the Centre will connect international publishers, sharing expertise, creating jobs, supporting internationalisation, nurturing talent, promoting magazine […]

Productivity hacks for magazine editors

After years of shifts, downsizing, and mergers, some magazine media around the world are feeling the pinch. We’re all dealing with strained and sometimes non-existent resources, stretched for time, and tasked these days with doing more with less. There are many tools out there that could help magazine editors do their jobs better, that would […]

Podcast: Former Magfest organiser Nikki Simpson on plans for The International Magazine Centre

On this week’s episode of Media Voices, former PPA Scotland business manager Nikki Simpson introduces plans to launch The International Magazine Centre, a hub for publishers to promote magazine innovation and celebrate the industry’s past. In the news round-up, the team decide whether Buzzfeed’s print edition is more than a marketing stunt, how serious Zuckerberg’s […]


Mobile time-spent jumps up: YouTube corners ~40% of the traffic, Facebook less than 10%

Smartphones are the big gainers in media consumption year-over-year, according to the just-released Nielsen’s Q3 2018 Total Audience Report. There’s been a significant jump in mobile time-spent among 18-34s, from 29% to 34%. The growth came at the expense of television viewing. This trend continues from a year earlier, as live and time-shifted TV (i.e., […]

New mobile story formats: lessons learnt thus far

It is early days for developing new mobile storytelling formats. Despite some successful prototypes, most of the heavy lifting is still about to happen, says Jacob Gjørtz, VP marketing at CCI Europe. Based on what we have learnt this far, brevity, video and AI will be central to what happens next. Since 2007, when touchscreen […]

How can mobile operators help digital publishers grow subscription revenue?

The digital publishing industry is shifting from solely focusing on ad revenue to subscriber revenue. This means publishers expect more from their readers. Instead of passively consuming advertising, readers now need to make an effort and contribute themselves: and they’re reluctant to do this. Approximately 15x more people pay for VOD services than digital news. […]


How can newspapers build trust?

At a time when trust in the news is crawling out of historic lows, a new study from the Center for Media Engagement provides promising interventions to promote readers’ trust in news stories. Researchers found that adding a box to news articles explaining the journalistic process significantly bolstered trust across 11 different attributes. USA Today and the Tennessean, a […]

NYT’s chief technology officer on how the newspaper harnesses technology to innovate

It has been a fascinating decade for The New York Times, a newspaper that has done perhaps more than any of its rivals to recalibrate online news media business models.  Much of the success of its paid for content programme though has been underpinned by its innovative use of technology. Ensuring that its apps and […]

3 years to a million paying supporters: Guardian’s alternative model of growth without paywalls

With revenues from print circulation and advertising in steep decline, and the duopoly gobbling up most of what comes from digital advertising, news outlets are increasingly being forced to go behind a paywall to sustain themselves. In this scenario, the news that The Guardian has become sustainable with the help of its reader-supported business model […]

Social Media

Over 600% growth in video views: Inside Bloomberg’s Instagram strategy

Bloomberg’s Instagram account Bloomberg Business (@bloombergbusiness) achieved significant growth in audience and video views in 2018. It saw a 391% increase in followers and 617% rise in video views last year. While Bloomberg Business has less number of followers (800,000) compared to competitors like The Economist (3 million) and the Financial Times (1.3 million) it […]

Publishers have finally fallen out of love with platforms, but it has been a hard lesson to learn

In a year dominated by headline-grabbing failures from Facebook, many news and magazine brands have learned the hard way that third-party platforms ultimately only have their own interests at heart. If 2017 showed signs of a strain in the relationship between publishers and the platforms which had promised to save them, this year put the […]

“Stories to rule the world”: The great social media pivot

Once upon a time, the News Feed took over the world, with Facebook at the helm. Industries were upended, new fortunes were created, and there were grand visions of using its power to connect everyone, and create a global community to make the world a better place. Then came the barrage of privacy scandals, erosion […]


Video consumption to increase dramatically, with mobile traffic poised to reach 1 trillion GBP in 3 years

According to the Cisco Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, annual global mobile data traffic will reach almost one zettabyte by the end of 2022. A zettabyte equals 1 trillion gigabytes of data. Mobile data traffic has grown 17-fold over the past 5 years, the study found, and it projects mobile traffic will account for 20% […]

Understanding the mobile streaming video audience – global insights for publishers

Opinion Online video viewership is growing worldwide. As publishers evolve their media platforms to offer video content, it’s valuable to understand how different audiences experience streaming content in their day-to-day lives, in order to get the experience right and drive engagement. We recently conducted an international survey examining in detail how viewers in10 different countries—UK, […]

70% UK publishers look at video content as top priority for 2019

Videos have a compelling way of stimulating engagement, yielding results like click-throughs, shares, lead generation, and sales. Video content is among the more effective tactics for getting exposure to a brand, as well as generating revenue. A Hubspot study found that 83% of consumers would consider sharing videos with their friends if it is specific […]