Marketers are ready to up their personalization game – and publishers can help

According to a new study by Forrester, many big companies struggle to develop and deliver advertising that is highly relevant and personalized. Whether it’s due to stodgy internal processes, bad data, or a dearth of appropriate technology, large organizations haven’t yet been able to make personalized advertising tactics a part of their marketing operations. To gauge […]

Every cookie counts: A new publisher tool for managing ad trackers

While marketers love the data they extract from cookies, publishers may not always be aware of how these cookies are being used to track visitors on their sites. To be fair, it’s a complex process involving pre-approved vendor data and vetting third parties; capturing cookie data; enforcing cookie policies; and blocking cookies when needed – […]

How one publisher won the brand safety battle

You only have to open your Twitter feed or scan the latest headlines to know that it’s a perilous online climate for brands. A volatile news cycle means it’s increasingly hard for marketers to find  brand safe inventory to carry their ads. Even premium publishers are running news content that some audiences may find controversial […]


Sovrn raises $25M to broaden its range of publisher solutions

Sovrn, which offers products and services to more than 25,000 independent online publishers, has raised upwards of $25M to accelerate its move towards a more diverse range of publisher solutions – both through acquisition and internal investment. The company, which was born out of Federated Media and renamed in 2014, is best known for its ad tech […]

How publishers are navigating the perilous path to diversification

Many quality publishers are navigating the “valley of death” on their migration from an advertising-funded model to one more reliant on direct reader revenue. It’s not a journey that they’ll all survive. But publishers are being driven by the realization that solely ad-funded models won’t work in the age of platform intermediaries and tech giants, which […]

Immediate Media Co acquires BBC Good Food brand

Immediate Media Co, the special interest content company named Digital Publisher of the Year in 2017, has announced it has struck an agreement to acquire BBC Good Food, the UK’s biggest food media brand, from BBC Studios. The acquisition of BBC Good Food – including the digital and live events businesses – establishes Immediate as the largest […]


3 rules for a successful digital news product strategy

As we get closer to the end of the year, we know more and more publishers are planning their strategies for 2019. For many, this means a renewed focus on their digital products. As inspiration, we have three rules for a successful digital news product strategy. #1: Develop around your audience One of the key essentials […]

How we can make local journalism thrive: takeaways from News Impact Summit, Cardiff

For decades, we have been able to take local journalism for granted. Today, we no longer can. Local journalism is facing a number of challenges. Traditional newspapers look to transform processes into the digital space and shift the internal culture towards new ways to engage with their communities. At the same time, some pioneering news […]

The powerhouses of the Internet are turning hostile to websites

Perhaps this was inevitable. In a system that encourages monopolies, and demands those monopolies increase growth rate and extract ever more revenue (sans caveats or exceptions), we probably shouldn’t be surprised. But, we should be prepared. Google is referring less outgoing traffic to websites for the first time in its 17 year history (at least in the […]


How Women’s Health is defying circulation decline in women’s magazines

The women’s magazine ABCs are rarely a pleasant read for magazine aficionados. But one magazine stands out from the rest as having shown consistent circulation growth, as well as managing to increase its revenue for the sixth consecutive year. We spoke to Women’s Health editor in chief Claire Sanderson on the podcast this week about some […]

Dennis launches new website

Dennis Publishing, the publishing group sold in July to private equity firm Exponent, has launched a new motoring website, The move cements Dennis’ position as the UK’s largest automotive publisher and builds upon their commercial success with automotive brands such as Auto Express, CarBuyer, evo, BuyACar, and Octane. Indeed, Buyacar is now one of the […]

Magazines and the attention economy: Why billionaires are buying up magazines and newspapers

Billionaires are not buying prestigious book publishers or TV channels. What is so special about magazines or newspaper periodicals? There has been some surprising acquisitions and takeovers in the recent magazine market. This activity has been usefully summarised by James Hewes, CEO of FIPP here. Perhaps the most unexpected move has been the Benioff family’s acquisition […]


Are mobile news aggregators on the rise as referral traffic sources?

Often top referrers to articles in our network include a mix of the usual suspects: Google search, Google News, Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, Drudge Report. But one day at the beginning of October I was looking at a story in Currents and noticed another referrer in the mix: SmartNews. SmartNews is an app that aggregates and serves “impartial, trending […]

Newsrooms need to step up their mobile game to satisfy the mobile majority

Americans’ changing news habits have an incredible impact on how we function as an informed society. Mobile is now the most common way US adults get news, outperforming desktop or laptop computers according to a newly released study from the Pew Research Center. In fact, more U.S. adults report they get news on a mobile device (58%) […]

Podcast: Best practice in mobile journalism and digital storytelling

In this episode of Media Voices, Corinne Podger takes us through best practice in mobile journalism and digital storytelling, and how varying mobile consumption habits affect journalism in different territories across the globe. For those unaware, Corinne Podger is a renowned media consultant and digital multimedia educator based in Sydney, Australia. With a strong background […]


3 years to a million paying supporters: Guardian’s alternative model of growth without paywalls

With revenues from print circulation and advertising in steep decline, and the duopoly gobbling up most of what comes from digital advertising, news outlets are increasingly being forced to go behind a paywall to sustain themselves. In this scenario, the news that The Guardian has become sustainable with the help of its reader-supported business model […]

“Read in every country on earth”: NY Times charts its course to 10 million subscribers with a dynamic paywall plan

The New York Times Co. is on a tear. The Manhattan-based news publisher announced earlier this month that its digital-subscription sales grew strongly in the third quarter, and digital advertising rebounded. Nearly two-thirds of the quarter’s $417 million in revenue came from subscriptions, and with more than 200,000 new digital subscribers, the Times ended the […]

How L’édition du Soir engages 1.8 million readers every month

In 2013, Ouest-France, together with Twipe, launched the very first digital-only newspaper in France. Since then they’ve had great success, just reaching 20 million monthly page views in August.  As we approach the 5th anniversary of this innovative news product, we want to take a look back at what has been crucial for its success. Leverage new […]

Social Media

Why the time is right to shine a light on ‘dark social’

One of the least understood portions of the web is becoming one of the most important: dark social. And as the calendar turns from Halloween to the Day of the Dead, it’s time to shine a light into the darkest corner of the web to understand how people are sharing content via messaging services, email, texting, and […]

How publishers align business models with strategies for social media distribution

Publishers use social distribution to keep up with  consumers’ news consumption habits. And despite the annoyance and uncertainty of platform policy changes (e.g. Facebook news-feed changes), publishers continue to align their business strategies and social practices. To better understand this alignment, the Reuters Institute explores distribution strategies across 12 news publishers in six European countries in their new report, Digital News Project. Strategic objectives While distribution strategies may vary in approach, they center on one of three […]

The FT: We stopped advertising on Facebook and the effect was negligible

Speaking at GroupM’s Fake News briefing in London’s Southbank today, Commercial Director Jon Slade disclosed that the Financial Times had stopped all advertising on Facebook both in the US and UK. The effect on the FT’s business, he continued, was “negligible”. Speaking on the record, Slade added that Facebook’s rules demanding that an FT employee […]


Why publishers should invest more resources in Twitter video

Earlier this week, CNN hosted a debate between Florida gubernatorial candidates Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum, and if you watched it on your television, it probably resembled every other political debate you’ve ever seen. But as the debate was still ongoing, an enterprising social media producer at CNN was busy cutting small video […]

8 video production tips for indie publishers

I think one of the core skills of any content marketer or publisher, especially someone who is working with social media, is to understand the mechanics of video production. No one expects you to be a Christopher Nolan or a Martin Scorsese, but understanding what goes into a quality branded video is very useful even […]

View from the buy-side: Video

Online video continues to be the fastest growing advertising sector in the UK with brands spending more on video ads than digital banner ads, according to IAB UK. Today, the challenge for publishers is to find ways to meet the needs of brands and to capture video ad budgets which are currently flowing to Youtube, […]