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Tool for publishers: Flourish, for creating data visualisations without coding

Haven’t yet learned to code? Use this tool to increase the quality and quantity of your visual and interactive output.

What is it? A platform for data visualisation and storytelling, without the need for the user to code.

Cost: Free, with premium services priced at £39 per month. Flourish is working with Google News Lab to offer publishers free premium accounts, which include features such as HTML downloads, private projects and custom templates.

How is it of use to publishers? Web development is a sought after skill, but coding can seem daunting to journalists who haven’t had any training in basic programming.

Flourish, which was previously available in private beta but has recently opened to the public, aims to remove the complex nature of coding, helping journalists produce data visualisations easily. After creating an account with their email address, users get access to core templates, like a variety of maps and charts.

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