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TIME launches new suite of offerings to help audiences navigate the pandemic’s challenges

TIME, one of the world’s most recognizable media brands, has launched a new suite of offerings aimed at helping audiences improve their lives, and navigate the widespread challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

TIME for Health

The first offerings from TIME for Health include a new digital content destination on and a virtual wellness series, TIME for Health Talks, set to debut over the coming weeks.

The series will convene health leaders for a series of virtual conversations and experiences aimed at helping people become more resilient and to live healthier lives.

The initiative comes off the back of Time’s Coronavirus Brief newsletter which has grown to 65,000 subscribers in two months as well as its print product TIME Health which has been distributed to over 4,000 doctors’ offices across the U.S. since 2017.

It follows Time’s recent initiative to make TIME for Kids available digitally, for free, and in multiple languages including Spanish and Chinese, for the first time ever, to help families as they continue to adapt to school closures and distance learning. 

TIME for Kids

TIME for Kids had previously been an in-classroom subscription product for the last 25 years. It will remain free until the end of July and will extend its publishing scheduling beyond the usual school year due to current circumstances. The publisher told WNIP that it is also planning ways to continue to make the digital library accessible for all who need it regardless of their ability to pay. 

So far, over 340K readers have registered for free digital access to the TIME for Kids digital library, of whom 268K are new to TIME and TIME for Kids.

Speaking to What’s New in Publishing, Maya Draisin, SVP Progress Marketing at TIME, said, “In addition to teachers and families who struggled with the transition to home-schooling/distance learning as the result of school closures, now people are facing incredible challenges with mental health and wellness as a result of social distancing for months and the stress of all that is going on in the world, while others are facing an uncertain economic future and need help to facilitate their own success in this new reality.”

“To meet these needs, we began to roll out new offerings, such as TIME for Health, aimed at helping audiences navigate the many resulting challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, and ultimately improve their lives.”

TIME for Learning 

In addition to these initiatives, TIME and Columbia Business School also announced a first-ever partnership to offer a new series of online, on-demand business classes designed to empower anyone to take control of their futures during this moment of economic uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

This partnership launches within TIME for Learning, a new educational initiative from TIME that brings essential educational resources to its audiences. 

TIME for Learning builds on the success of TIME’s existing educational brands including TIME for Kids, TIME Edge for middle school students, and TIME Immersive, which extend TIME’s journalism into homes, classrooms, and public spaces through interactive storytelling.

The Business of Change classes are designed for anyone looking to expand their professional skills on a range of topics including: the essential skills to become a more successful leader; creating a customer centric marketing strategy; the fundamentals of corporate finance; negotiation skills; and more.

  • Classes are offered at an accessible price point, ranging from $65 to $195 per class
  • Available on-demand, the first collection of five classes is available beginning today, and will be followed by the launch of new classes through September

“As recent events have demonstrated, the world can change in extraordinary ways quite quickly,” said Pierre Yared, the MUTB Professor of International Business and Vice Dean for Executive Education at Columbia Business School. 

Now more than ever, executives and professionals – both new and experienced – must be equipped with advanced skills and knowledge to effectively seize new opportunities, navigate through uncertainty, and thrive in any environment.

Pierre Yared, Vice Dean for Executive Education at Columbia Business School

“Through TIME’s existing educational offerings, including TIME for Kids, we understand the essential value of accessible learning opportunities for people of all ages,” said Maya Draisin, TIME SVP of Progress Marketing. 

“These affordable, high-quality business classes will allow anyone to expand their skill sets immediately, when they enter the workforce, or return to it, and help them stand out.”