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Time Inc. UK’s Collective creates dedicated Futures team

Digital brand solutions agency Collective has created a new Futures department whose focus is to take digital brand advertising to the next level and maintain its position as market leaders in innovation.

This dedicated team, headed up by Commercial Director Simon Stone and Director of Product and Operations Sabine Maucksch, is made up of existing senior Collective employees, incorporating a range of skills and experience, from global operations to programmatic sales and product development.

“Digital advertising is progressing at such a fast pace that we felt the need to create a dedicated team to help evolve our business and continue to stay ahead of the curve,” says Stone. “The team’s core focus is to make Collective indispensable to clients, media agencies and creative agencies via market leading digital innovation.”

The team’s current focus includes launching new high impact brand formats, exploring virtual reality to drive greater engagement, growing Collective’s programmatic capabilities and aligning digital with other mediums (TV, digital OOH and audio).

“The industry can be quite siloed with different departments working in isolation,” added Maucksch. “We want to take a more holistic forward-looking approach, and setting up a dedicated department shows our commitment to continually improving our business and the industry as a whole.”

A leader in programmatic digital brand advertising, Collective, a Time Inc UK company, works with 80 of the UK’s 100 top spending advertisers to deliver creative and targeted solutions.