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Time Inc. UK research reveals new insight into Millennials

Millennials are not all the same, and by not recognising different segments of this generation, publishers and advertisers may be missing out. That’s the message from Time Inc. UK, whose new research “The New Mainstream” reveals six diverse audience segments within the Millennial population in the UK, as well as their influences and how they interact.

The research was carried out between Time Inc. UK and research agency d.fferento/ogy, with a survey of 2,000 18-34 year-olds, and two 2.5 hour co-creation labs in Leeds and London with a total of 30 participants. The research was nationally representative and weighted geographically.

“We set out to look at Millennials and see how they stacked up against the stereotypes,” said Andrew Sanders, commercial director for NPD at Time Inc. UK “ A lot of the perceived information about Millennials is that people see them as being always on digitally, and we found that actually, really large proportion of them who weren’t always on.”

That wasn’t the only interesting thing Sanders and his team discovered.

Don’t call them Millennials, they don’t like it

“There’s this idea that this age group identifies with the idea of being Millennials, and yet we found that 73 per cent that didn’t identify with the term Millennial at all,” he said, adding, “Nearly  nearly 70 per cent of them didn’t like the term, didn’t like being identified as Millennial.”

One of the key findings was that the idea of Millennials as a narcissistic and pessimistic generation doesn’t exist.

“We actually found quite the reverse, that they’re very altruistic and optimistic bunch in the main. Obviously, we have segments across the research that do conform to that stereotype, but the caricature of the urban-dwelling, narcissistic Millennial doesn’t exist,” Sanders said.

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