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Time Inc. UK launches TV production division

Time Inc. UK has launched an in-house TV production arm that will create quality factual programming for major UK broadcasters.

The business has appointed award-winning director and executive producer Miki Mistrati and development executive and series producer Lauren Abery to the division. Miki and Lauren will oversee the development of ideas, liaison with broadcasters, and production and delivery of factual programming, documentaries, features, formats and series.

The initiative aims to unlock the colourful stories and personalities in the pages of Time Inc. UK’s portfolio of more than 50 brands, with work beginning in the real life titles. The division also aims to be an additional revenue stream for the multiplatform media company in due course.

Mick Greenwood, director of video & TV, Time Inc. UK, says: “This is a very exciting move for the business and a great example of us using our traditional strengths to expand into new areas. We have such a colourful, diverse portfolio of brands that there are undoubtedly some fantastic stories to be uncovered and brought to life on TV screens. We look forward to working with broadcasters to make this happen. ”

Miki Mistrati, executive producer, says: “This new venture comes from a company renowned for its quality content. We have the potential to sit alongside the best producers of factual programming in the country and are excited about the prospect of bringing fresh ideas to the UK market.”

Lauren Abery, development executive, adds: “What makes this production company really interesting is the unique set up. It is so different because of the wealth of journalists we have at our fingertips, providing us with unlimited access to ideas and inspiration that we can transform into original TV content.”