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TikTok overtakes YouTube, publishers are making paid podcasts work, and more: The Media Roundup

Vida’s next generation media brands for 2021

We loved Vida Media’s Next Generation Media Brands list last year and we’re delighted that they’ve done it again for 2021. The lineup features 20 of the most relevant and interesting startup media businesses in the UK and a few more worth watching.

The list’s mission is to spotlight creators-led startups producing ‘authentic content’ and building ‘highly engaged communities’, mostly with a focus on ‘direct to community’ revenue streams.

For us, anyone highlighting innovation in media, from audience development to brand building, is worth talking about (and to). We can argue about what actually constitutes a startup, but there is lots of information and inspiration in the miniature case studies that accompany the list and we are absolutely here for it.

TikTok overtakes YouTube for average watch time in US and UK

Talking of next generation media, this one baffles me. TikTok is full of really short video clips, right? And YouTube is full of much longer videos. If the data from app monitor App Annie is right and the average time per user spent on the apps is higher for TikTok, that mean people must be burning through a ridiculous number of TikToks every day. For kids messing about, yeah, I get it. For publishers, how does that deliver any real engagement?

European publishers are making paid podcasts work

Spotify may or may not give international listeners access to subscriber-only content this month, but this piece from The Fix looks at how paid audio content is already becoming ‘normalised’ in Europe. From Der Spiegel to French indie podcasters, paid podcasts and audio are being used to grow and retain digital subscribers.

‘Excited, nervous but fully committed’: City AM heads back to print

A full 18 months after going digital-only in a move designed to survive the Covid-19 pandemic, City AM plans to return to print. The free business daily will back on the streets of London on Monday 20 September. Chief Executive Jens Torpe told Press Gazette the aim is for print distribution to return to pre-lockdown levels of about 85,000 copies per day within a month of the paper’s return. Best of luck.

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