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How’s audience grew by 25% in 2017

In an increasingly unstable media landscape, The Atlantic, a 161-year-old title is finding a path to success and sustainability.

To aid in the expected growth editorially and on the business side in 2018, The Atlantic is now adding as many as 100 new staff members to the company, with nearly half going to editorial, marking a 30% growth.

How has it done it?

Like Business Insider and SlateThe Atlantic has found success with its premium membership program, The Masthead, which offers “exclusive stories, insights, and analysis from The Atlantic’s journalists and thinkers—built on a direct relationship with members.”

The Atlantic also announced the introduction of a metered paywall.

“In the end, we believe that readers will pay for the richness of The Atlantic in digital form. And we think it’s important for the company to rely equally on audience and advertisers for financial support,” The Atlantic’s President Bob Cohn stated.

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