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The top 15 publishing and media podcasts

Podcasts are an increasingly popular way to relax, learn new skills or keep up with the news, but they can also be a brilliant way of staying up to date with key developments in publishing and media, or deepening your knowledge of a particular area.

There are a wide variety of industry podcasts out there, covering everything from journalism to magazines and platform publishing. Whether you’re already an avid fan of a few of these podcasts and want to find more like them, or have never dipped your toes into podcasting, we’re here to help you find your next informative listen.

In alphabetical order, here is our pick of the best podcasts covering topics from media to publishing, magazines, platforms and technology.

Note: All of these podcasts have published new episodes within the last three months, although some have paused more recently due to coronavirus. The sample episode is the most recent published at time of writing.

The Business of Content

Frequency: Every 1-2 weeks
Length: 35-55 mins

Hosted by journalist and WNIP contributor Simon Owens, The Business of Content podcast looks at how publishers create, distribute, and monetise their digital content. Simon has spoken to guests from Slate, Quartz, The Financial Times, and dozens of the most influential publishers on the internet.

Digiday Podcast

Frequency: Weekly
Length: 35-45 mins

Digiday’s podcast invites high-profile media, advertising and publishing guests to discuss the big stories and issues that matter. Its professional production and strong ties to Digiday’s other media analysis recently helped it win the Best B2B Podcast award at the Publisher Podcast Awards.  


Frequency: Every 3-4 weeks
Length: 50-60 mins

Exponent is a podcast about technology and society, hosted by Stratechery founder Ben Thompson and author James Allworth. The discussion is heavily focused on the intersection of platforms and politics, but for those in media who need to keep up with the latest platform developments, this is a thoughtful and detailed podcast.

FIPP Insider Podcast

Frequency: Monthly
Length: 45-55 mins

Media trade body FIPP have recently started their own FIPP Insider Podcast, looking at how the media industry is being shaped by culture, technology, and emerging business models. Each episode, hosts Charlotte Ricca and Ashley Norris are joined by industry experts and thought leaders to discuss topics shaped to help FIPP’s membership. Podcast

Frequency: Every 1-2 weeks
Length: 20-30 mins

This podcast from Senior Reporter Jacob Granger takes a look at some of the latest innovations in digital journalism, and speaks to industry experts on how newsrooms are approaching key challenges and opportunities in the industry.

The magCulture Podcast

Frequency: Every 3-6 weeks
Length: 35-45 mins

Often recorded at the magCulture shop in London, this charming podcast from Jeremy Leslie and Liv Siddall  features interviews and magazine chats with a range of magazine professionals and aficionados, from small indie titles to big business magazines. 

The Media Podcast

Frequency: Fortnightly
Length: 45-60 mins

Presenter Olly Mann is joined by a range of guests each fortnight to discuss news and developments across the media industry, from TV and radio to journalism and publishing.

The Media Show

Frequency: Weekly
Length: 25-40 mins

Technically this is a radio programme on BBC Radio 4, but it’s also released as a podcast, and the lines are pretty blurred these days. The show, hosted by the BBC’s media editor Amol Rajan explores social media, breaking news, and the revolution in media. If you want to tune in live, it airs every Wednesday at 16.30 on BBC Radio 4.

Media Voices

Frequency: Weekly
Length: 35-45 mins

Media Voices is a two-part podcast, with the first half looking at all the news and views from across the media world. The second half features leading figures from media and publishing businesses, discussing everything from the practices of journalism to deep dives into publisher business models.

*Disclosure: The author co-hosts this podcast

Monocle 24: The Stack

Frequency: Weekly
Length: 30 mins

Another radio/podcast crossover, this series is Monocle’s take on the world of print, focusing on everything from the glossiest fashion title to the grittiest newspaper.

PPA Scotland Magazine Stories

Frequency: Weekly
Length: 35-50 mins

This new interview series from PPA Scotland talks to the stars of the magazine industry, from journalists and editors to publishers, commercial directors, designers and more. Host Laura Kelly Dunlop is also the director of the Edinburgh International Magazine Festival.

Recode Media

Frequency: Weekly
Length: 45-60 mins

Recode’s specialist Media podcast explores what happens at the intersection of media, entertainment and technology. Reporter Peter Kafka talks to business titans, journalists, comedians and podcasters to get their take on a range of media-related topics.

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Frequency: Fortnightly
Length: 30-50 mins

It may be a mouthful to say, but this podcast from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism draws on news and research from the Institute, with a range of guests discussing issues in news media.

Stack Magazines

Frequency: Every 1-3 weeks
Length: 25-30 mins

This podcast from magazine club Stack Magazines holds conversations with independent publishers, telling the stories behind the stories in a range of magazines.

Happy listening!

If you know of a brilliant media or publishing podcast that deserves to be highlighted, let us know and we’ll give it a listen.