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The Times London relies on Facebook video for subscriptions

For paywalled newspaper The Times, Facebook video is a means to draw people back to its own site where it can then encourage people to register. And in time, hopefully, subscribe.

A lightweight team of two people, a video editor and producer, is dedicated to creating Facebook videos, publishing two to three each day. The Times’ design team has created a range of templates for them to use, which are updated whenever they want fresh formats.

So far, they have worked apart from the six-person video team that creates videos for The Times’ core subscriptions products, which are slightly longer in length (between two and six minutes on average.) That’s partly because the kind of videos that have been created for Facebook have been made to appeal to the 24- to 35 year-old Facebook audience. The tone of these videos is more informal than those made for core products and are often purposefully more brightly colored, for instance, or annotated with different fonts.

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