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The state of data journalism today, and the importance of humanizing data stories

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In IJNet’s podcast series, IJNotes, we sit down with journalists from around the world, to shine a spotlight on the important reporting each is carrying out.

Through these episodes, we give our listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the unique journalism projects and initiatives our interviewees are involved with, new technologies and skills they may be utilizing, and challenges they’ve both confronted in the past, and continue to navigate today.

Korey Matthews interviews Jacopo Ottaviani, with help from Natalie Van Hoozer, in ICFJ’s makeshift studio.

We sat down with Jacopo Ottaviani, a Pan-African ICFJ Knight Fellow who works at Code for Africa as its Chief Data Officer, helping newsrooms on the continent create data desks and use data more efficiently in their reporting.

An Italian data journalist, he has also been involved with cross-border data journalism projects. He tells us about the state of data journalism across Africa today, some recent projects he’s been involved with, the importance of humanizing data stories, and more.

Enjoy the episode below.

All podcast episodes are available on SoundCloud.

This podcast was produced by the International Journalists’ Network. If you are interested in IJNet’s new podcast series on publishing, you can view all their episodes here.

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