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The questions data can’t answer, aka Audience research: The Media Roundup

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Gary Lineker really is not the story

We led on this story in the podcast today and as you’ll hear when you listen, it’s not a fun discussion. For us this is a symptom of a much bigger problem in media – the trust issue – and no one is going to come away from this looking more trustworthy than they went in. At every turn there is misrepresentation, double standards and more axes being ground than at a Lumberjack convention.

The key points for me were actually summed up excellently by Charlotte Henry last week when the whole thing blew up. I dislike the present government of the UK (a lot), but they are not fascists or Nazis and to suggest they are belittles the people who suffered appallingly at the hands of that regime. However reasoned the link Lineker made with the rhetoric common in Germany in the 30s, it has only served to give the government cover.

And on the other side, the hypocrisy from the BBC management and our so-called leaders is off the charts. When a sitting Tory MP is tweeting #defundtheBBC, the agenda is obvious and they are damaging the credibility of our national broadcaster at every turn. And finally, this sad little culture-war spat that has occupied the British press for days, replacing real issues on the front pages with a handy distraction from our country’s failing leadership.

Interview: The Atlantic’s newly appointed executive director of audience research

Happy Thoughts… Happy Thoughts… This is a nice interview on The Audiencers with The Atlantic’s  newly appointed executive director of audience research Gina Bulla. It covers audience research objectives, methodologies and my favourite, the process for setting research priorities. That basically comes down to two questions:

  • Can we make a decision based on the research?
  • Is it a question our audience can answer for us?

Growth in 2022 sees ad-sharing platform Ozone sticking to its plan

Digiday is reporting that after a strong 2022, Ozone’s big plan for 2023 is pretty much more of the same: Bring in more publishers. Leverage increasing scale to attract more advertisers. Develop new video and shoppable formats to retain those dollars. The steady-as-you-go approach is founded on ad revenue growth of 61% last year and the hope for the UK news publisher consortium that owns the platform is they build on that momentum.

Semafor Media Reporter Max Tani on joining a global media start-up

On this week’s 250th episode we hear from Max Tani, media reporter at news start-up Semafor. He tells us how he came to Semafor; the Venn diagram between media, politics, Hollywood and pretty much everything else in life; about Semafor’s attempts to balance out news and opinion; and whether covering the White House was anything like The West Wing.

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