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The power of podcasts to connect and serve: The Media Roundup

Lend me your ears! The power of podcasts to connect and serve

There are few people I know more passionate about the power of podcasts than Chris Phin. Until recently he was Head of Podcasts for DC Thomson. He’s also leading a workshop on what kit publishers need to get started at our upcoming Publisher Podcast Summit.

This week he’s penned a piece for us on why podcasting is such a powerful format for publishers. Potential revenue aside, you can’t be any closer to your audience than talking in their ears (unless you – like BuzzFeed – get into branded vibrators…but moving on…)

“It’s not ‘doing the ironing’, it’s laughing and raging with the latest Guilty Feminist,” he says of podcast listening. “It’s not ‘walking the dog’, it’s greedily gobbling the back catalogue of Off Menu. It’s not ‘freezing your arse off on the sidelines in late January while your kid plays five-a-side’, it’s freezing your arse off on the sidelines in late January while your kid plays five-a-side while being inspired and challenged by BetterPod.”

Is Media Better Now?

It depends who you ask. On the one hand, we have access to more diverse media, almost unlimited choice to curate around our interests, and platforms to surface hidden talent. But we also face issues with algorithms trying to pick things that entertain us, misinformation, and a firehose of content to choose from. Some thought-provoking arguments from ex Hearst President Troy Young.

The Ukrainian media market, six months into the war

Plunged into a full-scale war, Ukraine has been surprisingly resilient – defying grim predictions by successfully standing up to a more powerful enemy, although with huge sacrifice. Ukrainian media expert Otar Dovzhenko believes that the country’s media are in better shape than analysts predicted. But its prospects are still uncertain.

Publishing ideas to steal: incredible magazine covers

In the latest edition of magazine publishing ideas to steal, Peter Houston brings you some examples of brilliant magazine covers – from The Northern Echo’s front-page anger to The Economist’s subtle warnings – and one excellent homepage from The Onion for inspiration.

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