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The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

Media Moments 2020 report launch, how a niche B2B title navigated Covid, and more

Rounding up 2020’s top media moments

As another year comes to a close, we’re pleased to announce the release of our annual report Media Moments 2020, written by the Media Voices team and sponsored by Permutive.

From the collapse of events to the boom in subscriptions and shifting trust in journalism, this report explores how 2020’s defining moments have changed the media landscape, and what the future holds for 2021 and beyond.

This is our third year of Media Moments, and it’s safe to say it’s been the most eventful yet in terms of the forces that have shaped publishing businesses. It has given many of us an opportunity to reflect and reset long-held strategies and beliefs, hopefully for the better.

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Media Moments 2020: Boom in subscriptions, the collapse of events, and shifting trust in journalism

What’s New in Publishing is pleased to present its annual report Media Moments 2020, sponsored by Permutive and written by the Media Voices team. The report’s nine chapters each give an overview of the moments which have defined the past year, along with a look at where we are now, what we can expect to happen next year, and a collection of case studies of publishers and brands who have made their mark, for better or worse. 


How a niche B2B title navigated COVID-19 and hauled itself into the modern era

Care Home Management, owned by S&A Publishing based in Kent, UK, has steadily increased its turnover not just this year but over the past three years – by 61%.


“Put mobile at the heart of your engagement strategy”: Key findings from Pugpig’s State of the Digital Publishing Market report

Publishers saw significant increases in users from February. The majority of publishers have maintained most of the gains well into the autumn, according to a new report.


4 insights from Dennik N’s development strategy

Dennik N’s revenue comes predominantly from online subscriptions. The publication has over 61,000 subscribers – some 1.4% of the Slovak population.


“Growth is expected in most corners of the industry”: WARC Global Advertising Trends report

While global advertising spend is on course to fall by 10.2% this year as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, there are strong signs of recovery, finds WARC, the global marketing intelligence service.


How can digital media map out a more purposeful future?

Leading thinkers from publishers, brands, agencies, and academia have plenty of ideas about where the focus should be to fuel enduring sustainability, fairness, and innovation.


Battling misinformation: The rise of science journalism during Covid-19

Covid-19 has emphasised that science journalism is as important as political and investigative reporting and should be treated as such.


“Don’t let a good crisis go to waste”: How 2020 has changed Inc. magazine

Scott Omelianuk, Inc. Magazine’s Editor in Chief talks how their content strategy has shifted in response to a momentous year, and the thinking behind their new texting subscription service.


Looking ahead: How publishers can reconcile their sales strategies without in-person business meetings

The fact that agencies don’t expect to meet with vendors in the office anytime soon means that publishers need to find other ways both to connect with agencies and to use their T&E budgets to attract advertisers.

Real-time COVID-19 visualization for publishers, from Editor & Publisher and Infragistics

Media Virus Watch initiative now lets media outlets and their audiences track daily infection and death rates across 223 countries.

The user needs for news, explained

For an increasingly large number of people, especially the younger generations, it’s not enough to simply know what has happened. They want to understand the news, and find out how it affects them or if there are possible solutions to problems.

Finally there might be some good news about UK journalism

Over the past year, investment in news innovation and the extension of charity status to include journalism could open routes to make news organisations more financially viable.

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