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The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

Why publishers are building their own podcasting apps, lessons from lockdown at Bauer Media, and more

Building loyalty during COVID

Many publishers have seen spikes in traffic over the past 6 months, as consumers have sought out coronavirus-related information, or, alternatively, distractions to the crisis.

This week, we look at four ways publishers are now focusing on keeping those new (and existing) audiences on board, building loyalty with new products, offering premium services, tweaking paywalls and more.

One example is new COVID-related products, which are proving a valuable gateway to other content and services. Coronavirus newsletters go beyond just meeting an immediate consumer need; they are also an opportunity to build a long-term connection, as well as highlight non-COVID content.

What is noticeable is that few of the examples are brand new or revolutionary. The techniques are tried and tested, but they are effective now as they are being adapted to meet changing – and pandemic-emerging – needs.

In other words, now is the time to optimize for loyalty. 



Publishers are building their own podcasting apps to capture the “next frontier of media”

While relatively inexpensive to produce, podcasts are extremely effective, while also providing lucrative revenue sources and acting as proven subscription-drivers. Publishing podcasts on its own platform lets the publisher drill down into consumption habits, informing content, as well as how podcasts drive retention.


4 ways publishers are building loyalty during COVID-19

As publishers increasingly pivot to reader-revenue, finding ways to keep new (and existing) audiences on board is a strategic priority.


“We now have a better outlook for digital ad spending”: US spend to grow by 21.1% in 2021

According to revised stats from eMarketer, United States digital display spending will grow by almost 10% this year, while overall digital spending is set to grow 7.5%.


Lessons from Lockdown: Bauer Media

“The first lockdown was a sprint to make sure that we could move to remote working and still make great products…I think any second wave impact is much more of an endurance event.”


COVID-19’s impact on the media, in 10 charts

Whatever happens, it’s likely that the industry will look very different on the other side of this crisis. Given all of this uncertainty, what do we know about the current media landscape?


How publisher data can define the “next web”

The Telegraph’s subscription business has overtaken its advertising revenues as the publisher says it has stopped chasing scale at all costs.


CMOs and industry leaders paint an optimistic picture on the digital industry’s future

The digital advertising industry is cautiously optimistic about its future, according to a panel of UK experts from across the ecosystem, despite – and in some cases because of – the pandemic.


Trends driving digital platforms and media: Medium’s Scott Lamb

Whether it’s launching a podcast for Salon or growing traffic at BuzzFeed, Scott Lamb has been a driving force at some of the world’s most successful digital publishers.

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3 ways publishers are experimenting with hyperlocal news

The evidence that audiences are unwilling to pay for local news is actually clouded by the fact that most local news is not local at all.

Digital subscriptions and paywalls are rapidly emerging as the primary revenue driver for many media businesses

As consumers go in search for well-researched stories on the pandemic, they’ve increasingly gravitated toward trusted news sources and have been willing to pay for quality content.

The rise of content, a path to sustainable growth

Understanding your audience and communicating with them through valuable content is the way to survive and thrive as a brand in 2020 and beyond.

How to calculate what news is worth for Facebook? A Canadian perspective

Just imagine Facebook without news: Would we use it as much if all we could share with our friends was clickbait?

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