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New revenue opportunities as third-party cookies crumble, programmatic on the rise, and more

Opportunities abound as the third-party cookie crumbles

Reducing reliance on third-party cookies may not be at the top of every publisher’s agenda as we deal with the fallout from the coronavirus crisis. But the clock continues to tick on Google’s promise to ‘phase out’ support for third-party cookies, following in the footsteps of Safari and Firefox, who have already taken more aggressive moves against trackers.

Some publishers who have started the move away from third-party cookies are seeing success in alternative solutions. This week we’ve rounded up some of these examples, including Dutch public broadcaster Nederlandse Publieke Omroep who switched to contextual targeting in January, and has since seen its revenue increase.

Other publishers, including The New York Times, Vox, Condé Nast, Insider Inc., The Washington Post and The Telegraph have also launched advertising solutions that do not involve third party data.

Publishers are in a unique position to take advantage of the move away from third-party cookies. With their own trusted audiences and quality content at their fingertips, a future based around contextual targeting is a bright one indeed.



“Contextual is the future”: Extinction of the third-party cookie opens up new revenue opportunities for publishers

Dutch public broadcaster Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (NPO) stopped using third party cookies and switched to contextual targeting in January. It has seen its revenue increase in the following months. Other publishers, including The New York Times, Vox, Condé Nast, Insider Inc., The Washington Post and The Telegraph have also launched advertising solutions that do not involve third party data. 


How Future is growing its new gardening brand after a quick-fire launch

Jason Orme, Future’s Managing Director of Homes explains how its new gardening brand has fared post-launch, how it plans to weather the winter months, and its long-term growth strategy.


“Programmatic is on the rise,” with ad spend returning to pre-pandemic levels

The number of advertisers running programmatic ads through the end of July is up 36% since January, and total programmatic spend between April and July is up 11% year-over-year.


8 ways publishers are making money from podcasts

Podcasting is still a relatively new medium for many publishers, which means that routes to revenue sustainability can seem a long way off. But some publishers are making quiet strides forward. 


“111% more article clicks”: How Facebook’s new feature can help publishers build engagement

Facebook is testing a new feature that allows paying news subscribers to link their Facebook accounts to their subscriptions.


The New Paper launches first text-based daily news digest

By summarizing the day’s top stories into a concise daily text message, The New Paper helps people start their day with a common set of facts.


Troika Consulting: Solve your publisher problems and help others to solve theirs

The International Magazine Centre’s next Troika on 9 September will include a range of knowledgeable and experienced magazine experts as facilitators.


The Media Navigators: World Media Group launches a new podcast series

The series eavesdrops on the conversations of industry leaders from all over the world discussing the issues that are front of mind in 2020.

Alternate text

Facebook moves to block sharing of news stories in Australia

Facebook has announced it will ban publishers and people in Australia from sharing local and international news on Facebook and Instagram if a proposal to force tech giants to pay for news becomes law.

What’s behind the new push for unionization by journalists?

Since 2015, journalists have unionized at more than 80 digital and legacy media outlets, including at BuzzFeed, VICE Canada, Vox, Canadaland and 28 brands owned by the conglomerate Hearst Magazines.

Good news for publishers: Ad blocking is on the decline

The long-feared ‘adblocking battle’, which Digiday predicted would cost publishers $35 billion, might just be winding down.

Pandemic impacts on online publishers: Merkle’s Report Q2 2020

Merkle has released it’s Q2 2020 Digital Marketing Report (DMR) , showing advertising trends, charts, and insights for online publishers who generate revenues through online ads.

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