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The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

How Jeff Bezos is taking on the ad duopoly, the top platform moments of 2018, and more…

Happy New Year!

All the team at WNIP would like to thank our readers for their support over the past twelve months. 2018 was a momentous year for everyone in publishing, and 2019 looks set to continue in the same vein. As Google’s UK MD remarked at the AOP summit in London in October, “We are now at peak disruption.”

Yet disruption brings a wealth of opportunities and potential new revenue streams. A look over some of our top features of 2018 shows just how much monetisation stands out as an issue, with a Reuters survey finding that successful publishers are averaging six different revenue streams.

Clearly, the thirst for knowledge on broadening revenue streams is considerable, and we will be placing extra emphasis on this throughout 2019 with insight articles, events, and special reports.

From all of us at WNIP, we wish you a Happy New Year.

Jez Walters, Editor

How Jeff Bezos is taking on the Facebook/Google ad duopoly and why it matters

There’s one person who hasn’t accepted Facebook and Google’s continued reign as a foregone conclusion: Jeff Bezos. Through both Amazon and his acquisition of The Washington Post, Bezos has set his sights on the digital advertising market — a market he’s mostly ignored for the past two decades — and he’s already made significant headway.

What’s new this week

Publishers rediscover their oldest revenue line in subscriptions, memberships and donations
As dreams of Facebook-fuelled riches faded, the publishing industry went back to its roots this year, asking digital audiences to pay for the content they’re used to getting for free.
Digital strategy 2019: key tips & case studies from 5 leading news publishers
As publishers finalise their 2019 strategy, we have best practices from leading news publishers in Europe, the US, and Africa summarised in five case studies. 
The top platform moments of 2018
2018 saw some world-changing events across social media and technology platforms. Here is a round-up of some of the key moments which affected the publishing and media industry.
Why publishers should embrace Apple’s new subscription app
Publishers shouldn’t underestimate the power of Apple and how many subscriptions it can drive by placing an app on the homescreen of 1.3 billion devices.
Publishers have finally fallen out of love with platforms, but it has been a hard lesson to learn
In a year dominated by failures from Facebook, many news and magazine brands have learned the hard way that third-party platforms only have their own interests at heart.
“Less is more”: Curation as a solution to news fatigue
Both journalists and their audiences struggle to cope with the overwhelming amount of information they have to deal with every day, on multiple screens and platforms.
The best features on WNIP this year
We round up our most popular feature stories this year, in case you missed them or want to read them again.
Opinion: Netflix for news? Think again
Why not launch a Netflix or Spotify for news? Because I’m not sure that a model that has worked so well for other forms of media will work quite the same for news.
New Year predictions: data security, trust and transparency dominate
Amidst the challenges, disruption, and insecurity, opportunities will present themselves for those publishers willing to forge an entrepreneurial mindset and take risks.
Observations and innovations from a year on the road in American newsrooms
The goal of Meredith Cummings’ cross-country trip, dubbed #followmylede on social media, was to chronicle journalism in America.
2019 and the new age of advertising: in-housing, 5G and XR
There are great opportunities to innovate and create new and exciting experiences for consumers as technology takes another leap forward with 5G.

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