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The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

Twitter’s rise as a source of video revenue, lessons in sustainability from historic titles, and more …

Twitter… an unexpected source of video revenue

The great ‘pivot to video’ won’t go down as the industry’s finest moment from this year. But as always, as the dust begins to settle around a trend, success stories shine through around the inevitable casualties.

This week, it emerged that Twitter is the unexpected video hero, with Reuters revealing that the platform has provided a significant revenue bump through its pre-roll, mid-roll and sponsorship placements.

Although there are definitely lessons to be learned with the way video strategies are executed (like having a clear path to monetisation before starting out), with 70% of UK publishers saying they’re focusing on video content as a top priority for 2019, Twitter should certainly be a part of the plan.


The VC-fuelled media bubble is popping

Why did VCs, for about a four-year period, dump hundreds of millions of dollars into an industry category — media — that they had typically avoided in previous decades? And what occurred over the last year to trigger a retreat from these sorts of investments?

What’s new this week

Lessons in sustainability from historic titles
Vogue, The Lady and Private Eye have each survived serious economic challenges. Mary Hogarth looks at key lessons to be learned.
“Stories to rule the world”: The great social media pivot
It’s not just Facebook that’s repositioning itself, Stories has found eager takers all across the social media landscape.
Native Ads: still a powerful format for publishers?
Oath, the digital tech firm owned by Verizon, has revealed findings from a recent research project that explored consumer behavior with respect to native advertising.
How The Times is achieving hyper-personalisation with JAMES
Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, JAMES gradually gets to know the habits, interests, and preferences of readers. He then exposes readers to relevant content.
Twitter’s winning streak for publishers continues with Reuters’ “revenue bump”
Reuters’ recent announcement that it is witnessing a “revenue bump” from monetized video views on Twitter, is the latest in a series of “wins” posted by Twitter over the past year.
Podcast: AOP MD Richard Reeves on supporting publishers online
Richard Reeves talks about the progress on their Ad Quality Charter, what the lack of barrier to entry to publishing online means for premium online publishers, and more.
AI: An invaluable sixth sense for journalists?
Journalists are needed despite the advances made by AI technology. But there is little doubt that AI tools have the potential to transform the way they work. 
Amazon’s ad dominance and rise of the “triopoly”
Move over duopoly because the time has come to furrow your brow about the “triopoly.” 
Pareto does publishing. Can less be more?
The Pareto Theory states that 20% of the invested input is responsible for 80% of the results obtained. So how can we test ‘Pareto’s theory’ and the concept of ‘less is more’?
Television’s last hurrah? Digital is the future’s choice, but TV still rules the news
While television is holding its ground against online video when it comes to news, 63% of those who preferred reading the news said they did it online, over 17% who chose print formats.
In 2019, these 4 shifts offer opportunities for trusted media brands
As we turn toward 2019, it is a good time to reflect on the top-of-mind trends for media companies. Here are four important shifts happening in digital media right now.
Publishers muscle in on ad agency turf: Condé Nast unveils its Creative Studio Network
Condé has unveiled its ‘Creative Studio Network’, unifying its eleven creative departments under a single worldwide brand identity.
Publishers beware: Google Chrome is now removing all ads from “abusive” sites
The Chrome team have announced the rollout of Chrome 71, which focuses on protecting users from abusive ads, deceptive billing pages, and unwanted autoplay audio.

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