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The Must-Read Publishing Stories You May Have Missed Dec 13th 2019

How Gazeta Wyborcza grew from 170k to 200k subscriptions in 9 months, M&A’s impact on the industry in 2019, and more

‘Tis the season to discount

The question on many publishers’ minds at this time of year is how to package subscription offers, either to boost sales pre-Christmas or in preparation for the New Year sales rush. Discounts are a great way for publishers to bolster their audiences, and even reach new ones with friends and family gifting access to a publication.

But Gazeta Wyborcza caught our eye this week with their story of how they grew from 170,000 digital subscribers at the end of 2018, to 200,000 just nine months later, offering an alternative perspective on discounting.

“It’s quite easy to sell any kind of service or product if you offer a big discount – but what happens next?” said Gazeta Wyborcza’s Director of Online Strategy. “You get thousands of users that don’t really know your product and don’t really use it that much. So they churn.”

Instead, the publisher has focused on boosting retention through offers and products that encourage users to consume more content. It’s a fascinating case study for those open to rethinking their discounting strategies.


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