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The Must-Read Publishing Stories You May Have Missed Nov 22th 2019

Digital subscriptions grow from 10M to 20M, what’s behind an influx of paid app launches, and more

Subscription fatigue? We’re not there yet.

With increasing numbers of publishers putting up paywalls or implementing subscription products, one of the key concerns this year has been at what point consumers will hit subscription fatigue.

The answer, according to the latest Global Digital Subscription Snapshot report, is ‘not yet’. Digital-only subscriptions for news and magazine media have doubled over the past eighteen months from 10 million to 20 million, says the report from FIPP and CeleraOne.

This rapid growth in subscriptions, as well as renewed interest in such products by big tech companies, suggests that we’re a way off hitting subscription fatigue. “If anything, the market is set to be redefined as it heads into a new phase of expansion,” the report concludes.


What’s new this week

As publishers return to apps, are audiences finally prepared to pay?

The past six weeks have seen a number of significant paid app launches, from The Atlantic to inews and The Guardian. What’s behind this rush back to publisher apps, and will audiences be willing to pay for them?

Publishers still rely on traditional revenue streams, research shows
While the stellar growth of digital subscriptions continues, ad sales remains the largest source of revenue for publishers today and their biggest strategic focus for the future.
“Tech behemoths are smelling potential” as digital subscriptions grow from 10M to 20M
Digital only subscriptions for news and magazine media have doubled from 10M to 20M in a year and a half, according to the latest report from FIPP and CeleraOne.
M&A increasingly important to publishers looking for growth
30% of the UK’s leading media companies have been involved in some kind of recent M&A activity. And 50% are expecting to buy or sell over the next two years.
Instagram adds new features for publishers. Watch out TikTok
Instagram has rolled out a new Stories format called Reels in Brazil. It lets users record 15-second videos, adjust their speed, set them to music, or borrow audio from other users’ videos.
Optimism shoots up by 31% as revenues from online video and subscriptions grow
Revenue from online video and subscriptions is growing, despite an overall reduction in digital publishing revenues in Q2 2019, according to the latest Digital Publishers Revenue Index.
Will 5G define the future of news reporting? The Post is betting on it
The Washington Post and AT&T will test new applications of 5G technologies that could define the future of news reporting.
Key differences between the CCPA and GDPR that publishers need to know
Even if you already comply with one of these laws, key differences in their scope mean you need to understand both sets of rules to avoid potentially falling foul of the law.
Complex content analytics: the night vision journalism needs
How do we gain journalistic night vision? What are ‘the right metrics’ and how can we utilize them to measure and nurture our readers’ attention? 
How local news organisations can fight for their slice of the subscription pie
Local and regional publishers have started to worry readers will reach subscription fatigue before they are willing to pay for local news.
3 ways to create a bad user experience for your podcast listeners
Many podcast networks are adopting marketing practices that create poor user experiences and potentially alienate listeners. Here are three of them.
How to adapt to a digital landscape, and other insights from VICE
VICE’s Dory Carr-Harris talks about the importance of knowing what resonates with your audience, from high-quality astrology content to bringing a food brand to TikTok.
Why the publishing industry will remain a subscription stalwart
While content remains important, the real measure of success in the Subscription Economy is strong subscriber relationships. And on this front, Apple is miles ahead of Disney.
News habits: Getting readers hooked in the digital age
To ensure readers truly adapt news into their daily routine, it is important to provide a reward for reacting to the trigger.

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