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The Must-Read Publishing Stories You May Have Missed Oct 11th 2019

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How Buzzfeed is solving native advertising’s scale problem, Tatler doubles digital revenues, and more…

Buzzfeed’s hybrid approach hits the mark

Native advertising was never going to be a magic bullet for publishers. Because each ad is custom created, it’s difficult to scale because any growth in the client base means hiring more creatives.

This dilemma has stalled the growth of many digital publishing giants. But Buzzfeed has taken steps towards solving native advertising’s scale problem, with hybrid deals combining native advertising and ecommerce.

This week, Simon Owens dives into Buzzfeed’s hybrid ad model, looking at how the publisher has been collaborating with clients to develop products for the millennial audience it knows so well, then marketing it through native ads.

Buzzfeed may have had its own revenue struggles over the past few years, but as they revealed recently, they will generate more than $100 million in revenue this year from lines of business that didn’t exist for the company in 2017. There’s some Thursday inspiration for you.


What’s new this week

A reinvigorated Tatler celebrates circulation success

British high society and culture magazine Tatler has undergone some dramatic changes over the past year, driven by changes in the leadership team. The changes have paid off, with an increase in the magazine’s circulation, and also online where digital revenues have almost doubled since 2017.

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How BuzzFeed is solving native advertising’s scale problem
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