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The Must-Read Publishing Stories You May Have Missed October 4th 2019

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Google excluding French publishers from search results, why publishers need to commit more to subscription initiatives, and more…

There’s no happy ending for French publishers’ war with Google

Earlier this year, the European Parliament passed a law called the European Union Copyright Directive. One of the most controversial parts, Article 11, states that search engines and news aggregator platforms will have to pay to use third-party content, widely known as a ‘link tax’.

The past few weeks have seen tensions escalate between French publishers and search giant Google. France is the first country to transpose the Copyright Directive into national legislation, and are trying to force Google and Facebook to pay publishers to use snippets of content in search results.

Google (unsurprisingly) are fighting back, and have said that they will leave results blank, essentially blocking any results from European newspapers in France. Global media network FIPP have put together a comprehensive update on the situation this week.

It’s a complex situation, and the implications for both sides could fundamentally change the way we access content on the internet.


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