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The Must-Read Publishing Stories You May Have Missed Sep 13th 2019

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Why publishers are becoming news aggregators, programmatic revenues up 33%, and more…

Fed up with Facebook and Google? We’ve got Knewz for you.

We wrote in this very editorial a few weeks ago about how news aggregators finally seem to be gaining in popularity.

But it’s an area that publishers have left to tech companies, until now. News Corp recently announced that it was developing a news aggregation service called ‘Knewz’; a name which caused no end of a-newz-ment…

Knewz isn’t the first publisher-powered aggregation app to tread this path. Axel Springer’s Upday, which launched in 2015, actually became profitable last year. It currently works with over 4,000 publishers, and has 25 million monthly active users.

Most interestingly, Upday contributes 1-10% of publishers’ mobile referral traffic. Wouldn’t it be great to see a market where referrals to publishers are mostly driven by publishers?

These developments are all the more important to watch as Facebook finalises plans for another stab at making a News tab work.


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