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The Must-Read Publishing Stories You May Have Missed Aug 2nd 2019

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Publisher triples revenue through Snapchat, Google unlocks 33% of publisher paywalls, and more

Hit a metered paywall? Go incognito…

A number of major publishers like the New York Times, The Washington Post, Medium and the Los Angeles Times have safeguards in place to stop users from accessing paywalled content using Incognito Mode in Google’s Chrome browser.

But all that has now changed with the latest update of the world’s most popular browser. Our own tests using v.76, which began rolling out earlier this week, demonstrated that each one of these paywalls got unlocked without any difficulty.

This week, we look at the consequences this change could have on the 33% of publishers who currently use metered paywalls. The change is part of Google’s reinforcement of the principles of private browsing.

Google’s advice for publishers? Those wishing to ‘deter meter circumvention’ should look into other options like “requiring free registration to view any content, or hardening their paywalls.”

Publishers’ reaction: “Is Google literally trying to kill off the fourth estate?


What’s new this week

“Is Google literally trying to kill off the fourth estate?”: Publishers react as metered paywalls come crashing down

When it became evident that Google was going ahead and effectively demolishing 33% of publisher paywalls, the community reacted with dismay.

LBGTQ+ publisher PinkNews triples revenue through Snapchat
A year after joining Snapchat Discover, PinkNews are making more than half their revenue from being on the app, according to the publisher.
Google unlocks 33% of publisher paywalls on July 30. This is what happens next.
33% of online news outlets, who use a metered paywall, now have their paywalls fully unlocked by one simple action, a right-click!
SmartNews, growing 145% yearly, drives more traffic to publishers than Apple News
SmartNews is a leading Japanese news aggregator app. It has quadrupled its US audience over the past two years, and now drives more traffic to publishers than Apple News. 
Competition to be the next ‘Spotify for magazines’ hots up as LeKiosk strengthens UK presence
The expansion comes as a number of new and existing content subscription apps are jostling for UK marketplace domination, but where no one app has yet established itself as a household name.
Publishers see significant increase in engagement on new social media
Instagram is being seen as the fastest growing social platform for magazine media, while Snapchat’s global user growth has exceeded expectations. 
7 facts publishers should know about Apple News Plus
Many publishers are uncertain about the new service: What does Apple News Plus offer readers and publishers? Does it make sense for publishers to participate?
US advertising market now 2.5 times bigger than nearest competitor
The United States advertising market is huge, standing at roughly $229 billion dollars. Much of that size is now bolstered by digital ad spends.
5 case studies to inspire your retention strategy
59% of publishers spend less on engagement than they do on acquisition. We’ve gathered five innovative case studies to inspire your retention strategy.
Why publishers should own their code (and its impact on user experience)
A shift to third-party assets has changed the balance of power and introduced risks that the media is still struggling to control.
Facebook’s Libra reignites publisher interest in the promises of blockchain
Thanks to Facebook, Libra has brought the attention of the media industry back to the blockchain after the unfulfilled hype cycles of 2017 and 2018. 
Native advertising had a great 2018 (and it shows no signs of slowing)
Native advertising has quickly become one of the most popular and effective forms of advertising, particularly for B2B brands. 
The fourth estate fights back: What the news media is doing to defend against deepfakes
People are worried about the damage deepfakes can do and the inability of the news media and the government to curb this disturbing tech trend. 
Opportunities opening up for publishers in emerging markets
The lucrative opportunities opening up to media companies in emerging markets will for the most part emerge because of the expected huge growth in media consumption.

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