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The Must-Read Publishing Stories You May Have Missed July 26th 2019

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New Chrome spells difficulties for metered paywalls, tools for fighting fake news, and more

Free tools to fight fake news

According to the Pew Research Center, most US adults (63%) think that altered videos and images create considerable confusion.

While doctored images aren’t new, the easy availability of creation tools and a pressured publishing cycle has made the work of journalists even tougher.

This week, we’ve rounded up five powerful (and free) tools for journalists to use to verify fake images and videos.

None of these tools are especially complicated, but all help as a quick sanity check on the accuracy of content before publishing, and can be easily integrated into a workflow.


What’s new this week

Death of the metered paywall: Google makes it official

A month ago, almost to the day, we reported that Chrome would make it easier to bypass paywalls. Google has now made it official, confirming that with the release of Chrome 76—slated for July 30—publishers will no longer be able to detect when a user is in Incognito Mode.

“There’s a real synergy in terms of the vision that we have”: Inside the HuffPost School of Journalism
We caught up with Exec Editor Jess Brammar to find out more about the partnership, the reasons behind the launch, and what it means on a practical level for both HuffPost and BCU.
Fighting fake news: 5 free (but powerful) tools for journalists
While doctored images are not new phenomena, the easy availability of fake image and video creation tools has made the work of journalists tougher.
“Faster bandwidth can unlock new ways to tell stories”: Publishers get ready for the 5G era
“The transformational potential of 5G is hard to underestimate, and it’s likely it will have applications we’ve yet to even dream of.”
The New European drops micropayments in favour of ‘Guardian style’ donations
For a site like the New European, which relies on a passionate and committed audience, micropayments are perhaps not the best way for passionate readers to show support.
Time launches immersive reality app, to showcase groundbreaking visual journalism
The app will highlight new AR and VR projects from Time. The first is “Landing on the Moon,” which will allow users to experience an accurate cinematic recreation of the Apollo 11 landing.
What the British Airways fine can teach publishers about online security
British Airways’ (BA) £183 million fine signals more than a definite end to the GDPR grace period; it illustrates the high price companies could now pay for poor data security.
Why it’s time to slow down the news
Today we’re looking at the growing number of people who are actively trying to disconnect and why the publishing industry should take note of this trend.
5 biggest native advertising challenges, and how to overcome them
Even though sponsored content is considered to be a much better solution than just placing plain old banner ads on websites, native advertising is still a practice that needs a little time to master.
Publishers, buckle up: Driverless cars present a new challenge
As there’s no need to keep your eyes on the road, we’ll have more time to read the news, browse content, binge watch television…
How Gear Patrol successfully harnesses reader meetups
Gear Patrol isn’t merely a publisher, it’s a unifying platform to bring our diverse audience together and connect it through a shared interest in product culture.  
Facebook and Google: The echo chamber effect
Both Facebook and Google’s approaches to Congress felt like they had been developed in an expensive, lobbyist-enabled echo chamber.

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