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Apple News+ to make ‘tweaks’ after a disappointing performance, online advertising to reach $650bn in 5 years, and more

Back to the drawing board already?

In news that will shock nobody, Apple News+ seems to be struggling with both publishers and users just over two months after launching the $9.99 a month subscription service.

Apple is now allegedly looking to go back to the drawing board with Apple News+, and has been asking some publishing executives for retrospective input.

Users are also finding the service confusing. Apart from an initial free month’s trial, marketing of Plus content seems to be limited, and Apple’s decision to combine magazine and news content is also causing issues (literally). To top it all off, publishers have said that revenue so far is less than one-twentieth of what they were initially promised.

Are these early kinks something that Apple can iron out? The tech giant has proved they can make subscription platforms work at scale for music and TV, but publishing has a very different dynamic; one which a Spotify or Netflix model simply can’t solve.


What’s new this week

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Why nearly every news publisher should have a podcast strategy
The podcast industry has reached a maturation point, one that should lure in any publishers that have thus far resisted the urge to launch their own on-demand audio programming.
Apple News+ to make ‘tweaks’ after disappointing performance for publishers and users
Apple News+ seems to be struggling with both publishers and users just over two months after launching the $9.99 a month subscription service.
Global podcast ad revenue set to pass $1 billion this year
Between now and 2023, podcast advertising is expected to grow 23.1% to hit $1.4 billion, which is double the current global figure of $0.7 billion.
Online advertising to reach $160B in 5 years, and other insights from PwC’s media outlook report
PWC has released its Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2019–2023, a 5-year projection of consumer and advertiser spending.
Publisher confidence increased by 33% despite revenue decline, says AOP/Deloitte
Digital publishing revenues declined by 11.2% in Q1 2019 compared to Q1 2018, but publisher confidence rose, according to the latest Digital Publishers Revenue Index. 
Overcoming the biggest challenges in local news: The Overtake perspective
The founder and editor of The Overtake Robyn Vinter candidly takes us through the challenges and compromises involved in running a local news outlet.
“Engagement is the highest it’s ever been”: How AI helped the Times reduce subscriber churn by 50%
JAMES has helped the Times reduce subscriber churn by almost half.
How India’s largest premium streaming platform turns viewers into subscribers
Streaming viewership is soaring, but it’s Hotstar—part of the Walt Disney entertainment empire and India’s largest premium streaming platform —that is seeing numbers climb.
Opinion: Why digitally native brands are turning to print
Why have so many digitally native brands left their cyber-safe-space to create their own physical print magazines? 
Publishers—like Hearst and NYT—are making human capital investment a priority again
After years of shrinking budgets across the magazine and news media industries, there are signs that companies are making training and education of staff a priority again.
Why publishers should optimize for loyalty: Loyal readers consume 5x more content
Content Insights waded into the depths of data to find out how many loyal readers are out there in the online media world, and – critically – how valuable they are to publishers.
With online streaming, local news is going digital
While bringing local news to online streaming might feel like the natural next step in news delivery, there could be reasons it ends up more complex than that. 
“Don’t try to game the system”: Philly publishers on audience development
On June 18, Bibblio hosted the first edition of the ‘Future of Media & Publishing’ event series in Philadelphia, on audience development.
Publishers need to revamp content for what the mobile audience wants
ESPN drove over 50 million individual mobile visitors to its website, the most of any other brand studied by MPA and comScore.

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