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The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

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5 essential charts for publishers from the Digital News Report 2019, Facebook Watch hits 140 million daily viewers, and more

Our highlights from the Digital New Report 2019

“This year’s report sees the news industry at yet another crossroads,” write the authors of the Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2019. The annual study, which looks at the consumption habits of more than 75,000 people in 38 markets, was released yesterday, and Damian Radcliffe has picked out the key findings and implications for publishers for WNIP.

One of the most interesting findings is around subscription fatigue. Growth in online payments of any kind is low, despite a shift in the number of publishers with paid offerings, and even in households with high incomes and high levels of interest in news, the majority have just one subscription.

On the plus side, podcasts and voice technologies are still performing strongly, and there is evidence that aggregators like Flipboard and Upday are enjoying a resurgence. There’s nothing new under the sun, after all!


What’s new this week

“Tying together two rocks doesn’t make them float”: Why newspapers are facing the end of scale

The savings from this round of consolidation will disappear into the maw of the next recession leaving precious little left for the business transformation that these groups and the communities they serve need.

Digital News Report 2019: The five essential charts for publishers
Damian Radcliffe picks out the key findings, the best charts and the implications for publishers from the latest Digital News Report.
Facebook doubles Watch numbers in six months with 140 million daily viewers
Facebook has released updated viewing figures for Watch, its video-on-demand streaming service which rolled out worldwide in August last year.
How to maximise revenue for digital content
Publishers use a plethora of platforms to widen engagement, but how can they increase profit? Mary Hogarth and Steve Hill reveal essential strategies to boost revenue.
Over 70% of publishers consider Facebook the #1 platform for traffic and awareness, study finds
When it comes to generating referral traffic or building brand awareness for publishers, Facebook is way ahead of the other major social platforms.
“Shoot for 85% gross margins”: E-learning can be a high-value revenue source for publishers
Many publishers are seizing the e-learning opportunity by adding education and training in their business models to build a diversified revenue stream.  

“Our incentives are very much aligned”: Google’s Head of News Ecosystems on why their relationship with publishers is misunderstood

The widely-held view that Google as part of the Duopoly is taking revenue that would otherwise end up in publisher’s pockets is too simplistic a take on what is quite a complicated issue. 

Tips from WIRED’s evergreen content strategy
WIRED’s Director of Audience Development Indu Chandrasekhar recently shared that 40% of WIRED’s visits goes to content that’s at least a week old.
Habit forming products for news: What publishers need to know
A study of over 13 terabytes of subscriber data found that frequency is more important for retention than extent or depth.
WAN-IFRA launches European news transformation programme for local publishers
WAN-IFRA is launching a European news transformation and coaching programme for regional and local news publishers in partnership with the Google News Initiative. 
Behavioral ads don’t benefit publishers: The Google mirage
Acquisti’s team found that behavioral advertising, as measured and delivered based on third party cookies, increased publisher revenues by a mere 4%.
How NYT’s AI-driven data insight tool is informing ad campaigns
Offering insight into what a target audience identifies with and captures their interest, AI-based data can offer additional insight to an extent that wasn’t possible before.
The future of media will be personal, according to PwC
Media companies will strive to build products that empower consumers to set their individual preferences and curate their own context.
SEO & subscriptions: frenemies?
When it comes to setting up a paywall and ensuring solid visibility on search engine results pages, it’s anything but smooth sailing for publishers.
How publishers can unlock outcome-oriented advertising models
The publisher ad tech stack of the future will ensure that advertisers can deliver advanced KPIs while preserving and optimizing the publishers’ inventory.
What can publishers learn about empathy from social media? Ask Notre Dame.
There is immense power to be found when we can appeal to our humanity, and modern-day gadgetry has provided us with the means to effortlessly rally under a common cause.

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