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The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

Facebook rolls out new subscription tools, why YouTube offers the most meaningful revenue opportunities for publishers, and more

Facebook’s new subscription tools make an appearance…

…but is it too little too late for publishers who have been burned repeatedly by Facebook’s pivot to ‘meaningful interactions’ and subsequent News Feed tweaks?

Perhaps, but that’s not to say the tools aren’t worth exploring for publishers with an existing Instant Article strategy on the platform. The difference between this and previous ‘publisher products’ is that Facebook has spent 18 months evolving the offering in partnership with 40 publishers across the globe. We’ve rounded up some of the key features for publishers.

Of course, for those investing in a social media strategy, it may feel like there’s not much choice, with 7 in 10 publishing executives this week saying Facebook still provides the greatest reach for content compared to other social platforms.

As with all platform strategies, the sticking point here will be over ownership of the customer relationship. Is it worth sacrificing that direct relationship with subscribers for the reach Facebook can offer? Welcome back to 2010…


What’s new this week

How newsletter innovations are driving publisher revenue

While newsletters aren’t completely immune to algorithms — just ask anyone who’s seen an email get buried in subscribers’ spam folders or Gmail’s promotions tab — the decentralized nature of the inbox guarantees that no one platform can control email distribution.

10 essential media stats from May 2019
Gen Z’s media preferences, Disney’s write-down, BBC’s engagement on Facebook, plus a ton of revenue and advertising projections.
Facebook rolls out subscription tools, but is it enough to tempt publishers back?
Facebook is expanding support for subscriptions in Instant Articles to ‘all eligible publishers’, following 18 months of testing with over 40 publishers worldwide.
5 things publishers should know from Apple’s WWDC keynote
iPad OS, Apple login, end of iTunes: here’s a quick look at some of the most important takeaways that publishers should be aware of.
How publishers can use comments to engage their most loyal and valuable readers
The comments section can be an effective tool for building engagement. Not only that, it can also help publishers understand their readers better and tailor their offerings accordingly.
Chartbeat spent over 400 hours analyzing subscriptions—here’s what we’ve found
In the last month, as part of our work to go from publisher revenue pain point to solution, we spent time with users across all sorts of roles. Here are some of our early takeaways.
GDPR one year on: The rising importance of first-party data
Since the European-wide data protection and privacy regulation came into effect last May, users are more aware than ever about their privacy and want to know how their data is being used.

YouTube offers the “most meaningful” long-term revenue opportunities for publishers, study finds

30% of publishers believe YouTube offers the most meaningful long-term revenue opportunities for publishers—ahead of Facebook and Google AMP.

Internet ads—growing 5x faster than traditional—to exceed 50% of global media spend by 2020
WARC’s latest Global Ad Trends: Drivers of online growth report has found that internet ad formats are set to account for 47.7% ($298.1B) of all media spend worldwide this year.
As the antitrust case against Google kicks off, here’s what you need to know
What has Google done that could be considered “unfair competition” and where should the Dept. of Justice investigate?
The podcast market is booming. Research offers insights into monetization and the marketplace
Podcasts are not a niche market. One-third of Americans listen to podcasts monthly with one-quarter of these listeners tuning in on a weekly basis.
Promoting content to Instagram’s 1 billion monthly users: 4 publisher strategies
A few factors make an Instagram strategy for content worth considering, not the least of which is the 500M daily active users on the platform.
70% of publishers say Facebook delivers the best reach for content
7 out of 10 publishers contend that Facebook still provides the greatest reach for content compared to other social platforms.
“Twitter revenue share model is very favourable to publishers”: Elle on its platform partnership
Combining the might of premium publisher content with the engagement of social media is an approach that is gaining momentum in the industry.
Rise of the publishing alliances: Joining hands for a reach bigger than Facebook’s
Germany’s biggest publishing houses including, Axel Springer, Funke Mediengruppe, RTL Groupe and Gruner+Jahr have come together to form an advertising alliance.

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