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The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

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Amazon in talks to fund publishers’ international expansion, branded content revenue grows by 40%, and more

Looking to a bright future for publishing

Hello from the PPA Festival in London, where WNIP are covering the latest in business models, revenue, editorial innovation and transformation.

We’ll be updating the site over the next few days with stories from the best and brightest publishers in British media, but until then, we’ll leave you with this opening quote from TI Media CEO Marcus Rich:

“We’re not here to discuss an industry in decline and outdated business models, but rather to discuss the extremely exciting future that awaits us all in publishing.”


What’s new this week

Amazon in talks to fund publishers’ international expansion, sees significant growth opportunity

Amazon is in discussions with some top publishers—it intends to pay them to expand internationally, reports Vox. This is unusual because while publishers already make money from Amazon’s affiliate program, the e-commerce juggernaut is now offering to pay them in advance for expanding internationally.

Mobile commerce to reach $319B by 2020: Publishers experiment for their slice of the pie
The FIPP Innovation in Media 2019-2020 World Report highlights how some publishers are experimenting with e-commerce to make it a sustainable source of revenue.
Publishers face new risks in the wake of the “GDPR light” CCPA
While the California Consumer Privacy Act is poised to present peace-of-mind for many, it could be crippling for any publisher that relies on their GDPR compliance framework.
Micropayments can unlock “an entire economy” between ads and subscriptions
Micropayment isn’t that silver bullet that will suddenly save publishers and keep them alive—but it can help, and as a tool, it’s quite effective.
How Meredith creates content for the 17 million+ millennial parent audience
Parennials are different than young parents of other generations that came before them. And, it’s not just because they’re tethered to their phones. 
Publisher branded content revenue grew 40% YoY, and other content marketing insights
The global content marketing industry will grow at an annual rate of 16% per year through 2021, and is set to reach $412 billion by the end of 2021.
Navigating uncertainty: How niche magazines are overcoming revenue challenges
Niche magazines sat in the spotlight in a panel discussion at MagNet in Toronto, to discuss the trials and challenges they faced, and how they’ve overcome them. 
Using algorithms to bolster paid content and commerce strategies
There are three important principles, or building blocks, at the base of building real-time algorithms: personas, evergreen content and unified metadata
How publishers can make the leap from data insights to artificial intelligence
What was a theoretical concept just one year ago is now mainstream practice in major tech companies.
Reader loyalty data shows more sessions per visitor from social
Here’s the data to get you started thinking about how habits start to get built, and some ideas on how to focus on building more of them if you’re aiming for conversions of any sort.
“Evergreen newsletters can become a critical part of publishers’ strategies”
Newsletters are only going to become more important for publishers in the coming years, so here’s how the Harvard Business Review is using evergreen content.

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