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The Must-Read Publishing Stories You May Have Missed April 26th 2019

63% of digital publishers saw business growth in 2018, how Bloomberg increased social shares by 200%, and more

The numbers are there…now we just need a growth in confidence

Digital publishers have hit headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past year, with cuts and closures at some high-profile companies. But the numbers tell a brighter story. 

The latest DPRI report from the Association of Online Publishing and Deloitte has shown that annual digital publishing revenues have increased over the past year by 6.8%.

Video and display formats have been the main drivers for growth, up 28% and 9% respectively, and multi-platform revenues have more than doubled over the year.

The numbers are encouraging, although they contrast with a sharp drop in company and industry confidence between Q3 and Q4 last year.

Yet seeing media businesses remaining resilient and finding new ways to grow against such a backdrop of uncertainty should definitely be something for us all to celebrate.


What’s new this week

Bloomberg’s simplified article template leads to 200% increase in social sharing

Initial tests have shown that it led to a 200% increase in sharing, significant reduction in bounce rates and increase in the likelihood of articles being read to the end.

63% of digital publishers saw business growth in 2018
AOP and Deloitte reveal annual digital publishing revenues increased by 6.8% to £511.5m, driven by strong growth in display and video formats.
Twitter to undergo “a huge fundamental shift”: Publishers take note
“I don’t want to maximize the time on Twitter, I want to maximize what they actually take away from it and what they learn from it.”
Digital editions for publishers: 15 lessons over 15 years
Here are 15 lessons from 15 years of helping publishers maximise reader engagement and revenues through their digital editions.
To grow paid subscribers to 200K, Swiss publisher bets on email newsletters
NZZ plans to reach 200,000 subscribers by 2022 (almost 30% growth in paid readership) and newsletters are going to play a crucial role in its strategy.
UK digital ads market worth over £13B in 2018: Ad spend on smartphones exceeds desktop
The total ad spend figure is a 15 percent year-on-year increase and demonstrates continued confidence in the power of digital advertising.
Attention is abundant, but you have to earn it
The risks of not building a brand that matters are becoming more evident. If we’re not entitled to time with audiences, what can we do to earn it?
Poynter’s FactCheckingDay: A comprehensive online arsenal for battling fake news
To tackle the lack of trust in media institutions in an organized manner, Poynter founded the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) in 2015.
Mobile apps are making a comeback and publishers better be ready
Consumers not only spend the majority of their time on mobile in apps, but the average number of apps used continues to increase (by 15% in 2018) to ~35 apps per US smartphone user. 
Using Wikidata and sentiment analysis for deeper insights
In my role as Machine Learning Engineer, I’ve been working on discovering the insights this data can show us about what it means when people pay attention to certain topics or stories.

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