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The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

How Le Monde achieved a 46% increase in subscriptions, why spend more on engagement than acquisition, and more…

Wooing readers should be a full-time focus

Pageviews and dwell time may be easy metrics to measure, but what do they actually tell you about your relationship with your readers?

This week, an article from Twipe about why leading publishers are beginning to invest more in engagement than acquisition sheds some light on some of the metrics publishers like the FT are using to clearly measure engagement.

This matches one of the stand-out statistics from our Media Moments 2018 report, that retaining readers is four to five times cheaper than acquiring new ones.

Demonstrating value over the course of a subscription cycle should now be a vital focus area for publishers, although perhaps not everyone should be hooking their readers up to heart rate sensors to measure engagement!


46% increase in subscriber conversions: Lessons from a French publisher

French publisher Le Monde was able to increase subscriber conversions by 46% after a site redesign and placing around 37% of its best content behind a paywall. 

What’s new this week

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YouTube makes “hundreds of changes” to reduce extreme content recommendations
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“Not a dirty word anymore”: E-commerce becomes a major revenue source for publishers
As consumer habits shift to digital, there are massive changes in how people access content, as well as how they shop.
Trust in traditional media at highest ever historical levels
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Fines are fine. But they’re not enough to shake the duopoly’s dominance
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8 years of record profits: Hearst’s radical reinvention for the digital era
Hearst Magazines’ robust performance isn’t surprising considering how the publisher has been methodically overhauling its systems to focus on digital under President Troy Young.
Film Stories founder Simon Brew on crowdfunding an independent magazine
Simon Brew talks the dos and don’ts of a crowdfunding campaign, the potential of independent magazines, and the importance of giving new voices a chance to be heard.
Five key media tech trends from January
It’s hard to believe but the first month of 2019 has already elapsed, and the media industry got off to a headline-making start across multiple sectors.
Bo Sacks: No, there isn’t a media malaise
Don’t compare your company or your titles to anything other than your last and next issue. Industry averages and how other titles are doing is bullshit.
Opinion: 10 digital advertising trends to look for in 2019
There are several digital advertising trends that are more than fleeting ideas; these ten trends are on the rise and here to stay in 2019 and beyond.
The Business Case for Audio
While we have heard before about the dramatic declines in advertising revenue publishers are facing, audio advertising is still growing.
Top 5 China Digital Marketing Trends in 2019
With multiple platforms boasting user bases in the hundreds of millions, it’s becoming more and more difficult for brands to formulate their marketing strategies for China.

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