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Independent Publisher Alliance moves forward, ad spend to rise sharply, and more…

Independent Publisher Alliance moves forward

Last month we helped launch the Independent Publisher Alliance, an initiative aimed at giving mid-size UK publishers a larger voice and to use its collective strength to collaborate and support each other.

The response was strong—70 in total—from large independent digital-only publishers operating across multi-platforms to niche, specialist publishers dedicated to narrow verticals. Added together this group would more than match any large publisher in the UK in terms of audience.

In a lead article this week, the three execs launching the initiative have outlined their roadmap for the rest of 2021, focusing on the top three areas that publishers wanted support on: Tech (69%), Advertising (67%), and Reader Revenue (52%).

You can read more about the roadmap here, and if you missed the earlier opportunity to get involved, it’s not too late. Far from it.



Looking towards a cookieless future for publishers: Part 1

By looking into alternatives in good time and working collaboratively where appropriate, publishers can help brands get even closer to their audiences.


“A strong economic recovery should see adspending rise sharply”: IPA Bellwether Report

Business conditions are beginning to stabilise after a year of turmoil in 2020, according to the latest IPA Bellwether Report, published today.


How Substack—a newsletter company—became synonymous with “frictionless, independent publishing”

Substack is having its moment. It has most definitely helped to push writers, journalists and others to try and make an independent living.


2 out of 3 Google searches end without a click: The “zero-click search” problem for publishers

2020 recorded the highest-ever share of zero-click searches, ending without a click to any web property in the results.


The Independent Publishers Alliance (IPA): Next steps

The top three areas pinpointed as key topics that publishers would like support on are Technology (69%) Advertising (67%) and Reader Revenue (52%).


4 tactics to generate engagement during the pandemic

Not only is reducing churn a priority, publishers also want to find ways to super-serve their most loyal audiences. Here are four ways publishers are doing this during the coronavirus crisis.


Lessons in transitioning from legacy media to digital: Expert tips from Asia

A recent survey by the Reuters Institute at Oxford University suggests that 76% of media leaders have sped up their plans for digital transformation.


Navigating COVID-19 and ad tech: 7 tactics for publishers

Here’s a quick overview of the key Ad Tech issues that publishers have had to contend with while navigating the COVID crisis, and seven potential solutions to them.


Cookie-pocalypse: Will the death of third-party cookies kill digital advertising?

The World Media Group invited a panel of experts to discuss what losing access to third-party data means to the industry, and how marketers and publishers can prepare themselves to benefit from this significant shift in how we use personal data.

How a small publisher used first-party data to scale its reach 50x

Scale has always been a challenge for B2B media, which typically serves high value but niche audiences. Today’s digitally-focused marketers are demanding both scale and ROI without any wasted spending.

What’s the best way to start a dialogue with readers of a print-first magazine?

Starting the dialogue is the easy part. The hard part is avoiding a monologue. Thankfully, the idea that print and everything else are somehow mutually exclusive is receding into the mists of magazine lore.

How news apps can keep their readers engaged using push notifications

People are no longer devoted to one source — they prefer updates from social media, messengers, and news aggregators. How can editors and news app marketers counteract this and keep their audiences engaged?

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