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The latest crucial role at publishers: The programmatic analyst

Google and Facebook account for roughly 70 percent of all digital-advertising spend, and competition is fierce among newspapers for the remaining 30 percent. But publishers need a new set of skills to wring the most value from their media. As such, there’s a role that’s gaining prominence at media companies: the programmatic analyst.

The title and the job vary somewhat depending on the publisher, but the ultimate remit is one and the same: assimilate endless reams of data from multiple digital sources (from demand-side platforms and ad servers to viewability and CPM auditors), then be able to distill where and how tweaks can be made to the open-market programmatic trading processes all in a way that can then be packaged up and made into a commercial offering.

“The programmatic analyst’s primary role is to analyze the bid landscape and identify opportunities,” said The Telegraph’s programmatic chief Paul De La Nougerede. “This could be setting different price points depending on audience segments, formats, geographic and devices, or it could be identifying high-volume advertisers that we should be building stronger partnerships with.”

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