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The Guardian sets up a new monetisation model by disconnecting data and inventory

The Guardian has made its first steps to decouple its audience data from its inventory, putting greater control in the hands of its advertisers in an attempt to retain loyal spend.
Recognising that there is a huge amount of value in its first party data, the publisher wants to turn those insights into a revenue stream outright.

Publishers are catching on that their highly engaged audiences, and consequent depth of first party data, opens up opportunities to monetise beyond their own inventory. This data pertains to content that its users read, how they navigate through a site, a view of their intent through incoming search terms and their profile characteristics; location as well as the types of technology that they use.

To the Guardian, this data in aggregation amounts to 200 million data events that it captures every month, culminating in an intricate understanding its user base. The publisher uses those insights to make decisions on how and where to promotes its content to its audiences both on the Guardian and beyond. Now, the Guardian is taking the same insight and audience data to drive value to its advertisers.

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