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The day context and community came back to Twitter: The Media Roundup

The day context and community came back to Twitter

Does anyone remember context? You know, the idea that content related to other content and can be grouped together to build a fully rounded picture of a subject. We used to use it to keep like-minded audiences engaged, before it collapsed under the weight of social distribution.

Well, according to Casey Newton, context could be making a comeback on Twitter with the launch of Communities. These are semi-public groups where people can tweet directly to other members rather than to just their followers. Only members of a Community can like or reply to tweets sent by other members.

The introduction of Communities is designed, optimistically, to starve the trolls and let people with shared interests get down to meaningful interaction. As Casey says, creating groups has caused problems elsewhere (vaccine misinformation anyone). But Twitter has to restore some kind of value to the discourse on its platform and this could be a good first step.

Brands are still playing ball with clickbait ad sites

Morning Brew is having a go at “Made for advertising” sites, powered by platforms like Taboola and Outbrain, and existing just to grab ad dollars. “The number one thing keeping money out of legit publishers hands today isn’t fraud or misinformation,“ said one marketing pro. “The number one issue is the made for advertising ecosystem.”

Five essential tips for delivering online training

This post from trainer Dr Holly Powell-Jones is really targeted at media people that are looking to train other media people. But there are some simple steps outlined to create teaching and learning experiences that will work for readers to. I’ve actually done the course this is based on and can genuinely recommend it.

The Washington Post wants three minutes of your morning

The Washington Post is launching a morning newsletter. Nothing new there, except they seem to have been inspired by the Media Voices Roundup. The new daily briefing, called The 7, highlights the seven top stories of the day and is designed to take just three minutes to read or listen to. Maybe we need a listen option 🤔

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