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The best insights from this year’s Pub Pod Summit: The Media Roundup

Work hard, be confident, avoid silos and give it ten weeks: Top audio tips from Publisher Podcast Summit

Bron Maher’s done a great job here of condensing some of the lessons from our Summit last week into a single article. I should know – I’m still digesting a lot of what our speakers had to say about strategy, editing tips, and monetisation around podcasts. So it’s wonderful to see some of the day’s lessons in one place, including my favourite piece of advice from the entire event.

Chris Stone of the New Statesman said: “Every publisher I’ve worked for where we’ve launched audio or video, there’s always been a temptation for the new thing to exist over there somewhere. And we’ve always benefited when we’ve worked to bring that new thing more closely into the newsroom – so into the editorial meetings, into the commercial meetings, and to understand where that fits within your portfolio.”

Because podcasting is both an editorial product and a revenue driver, the temptation might be to consider those separate areas of discussion entirely. And while that’s true to an extent, the reality is that podcasting shouldn’t be siloed, but considered holistically as part of a wider publisher strategy.

NYT rationale for The Athletic comes into focus

It has been ten months since The New York Times agreed to acquire The Athletic for $550 million. That’s a silly, silly figure to have paid for an organisation that really didn’t seem to have a plan beyond ‘get as many people on our books as possible and then sell’ – but this is a good explanation of why the NYT might have recognised the grift and still considered The Athletic a good purchase.

Mirror publisher’s ad sales hit by marketing ‘blackout’ after Queen’s death

It seems the Mirror might have been hit by a problem not of its own making here, as digital advertisers held back on spending during the nationwide Liz II grief-athlon.

Has local news justified its own survival? The state of local news in 2022

For this episode, we’re joined by Chris Jansen, Head of Local News, Global Partnerships at Google to talk about the state of local news in 2022 and beyond.

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