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The best features on WNIP in 2018

We round up our most popular feature stories this year, in case you missed them or want to read them again!

The good, the bad and the ugly of launching a paywall in 2018

Chris Sutcliffe draws together the various arguments for putting up a paywall, following a number of organisations ‘pivoting to paywalls’ earlier in the year. There are certainly benefits, but are paywalls all they’re cracked up to be?

50 ideas for making media pay: a definitive guide

We may be less than halfway through our series on 50 ideas for making media pay, but it’s still not too late to catch up. Writer Damian Radcliffe will be delivering the remaining ideas in the new year, but in the meantime you can catch up with part 1 on paywalls and subscriptions, and part 2 on advertising and ad-free opportunities.

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti’s increasing pessimism and why it matters

Simon Owens explores the possible motivations behind Peretti’s perplexing suggestion for a media mega-merger, and what the implications would be for publishing’s relationship with tech platforms.

With Facebook usage declining, what next for publishers?

After a year where Facebook has faced intense pressure from lawmakers, publishers and the public, usage has inevitably started to drop. Monojoy Bhattacharjee takes a look at what’s happening, and what this means for the future of publishing on Facebook.

Why micropayments aren’t dead…yet

Only an estimated 5% of a publisher’s digital readership will convert to pay for a full subscription, so what happens to the rest of that audience that can’t be effectively monetised? Esther Kezia Thorpe argues that we need to think bigger when it comes to micropayments.

Publishers are waking up to the potential of Reddit for engagement

Some might argue that the last thing we need right now is another platform to distract us, but Reddit, the self-styled ‘front page’ of the internet, has millions of hyper-engaged users. Chris Sutcliffe argues that now is the perfect time to take a serious look at the platform as it moves to become more brand-friendly.

When should a publisher adopt a membership model?

With many magazines struggling to maintain cash-flow and build a solid business model an ability to develop sustainable income streams is crucial. Mary Hogarth investigates where membership packages are the way forward.

Making Facebook a friend to your publishing business

No this isn’t a satirical piece. Despite the year Facebook has had, there are still ways media organisations and publishers can use the platform as part of an audience and business development strategy. Kevin Anderson rounds up the key steps.

Why a revenue mix matters

Peter Houston sets out the argument for why a revenue mix is now essential for publishers, how to stop reliance on a single dominant source, and which streams are the best choice.

How local news publishers in Europe are responding to digital

Local newspapers are far from immune from the challenges of the digital era. Damian Radcliffe draws out four common responses to the changing media environment from publishers across Europe.

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