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Technology, data and human interaction evolve together

As the internet and digital advertising have matured to become increasingly programmable the relationship between technology, data and human interaction continues to evolve. Sophisticated programmatic technology has removed a great deal of human effort and error from the advertising process allowing marketers to finely tune their campaign targets. But its rise must not detract from creative ideation in campaign development.

When creativity is removed from campaign strategy, brands run the risk of reaching consumers exactly where they are, but with little impact. Brands must have data at the heart of their monetization strategy, but emotional intelligence is also crucial to resonating with consumers.

This week I chatted with Daniel Spears, programmatic director at The Guardian News & Media about the challenges of moving from the “old world” of media and advertising to the new world of programmatic, how a lack of transparency still plagues the ad tech ecosystem and the need to develop best practices for creativity as the industry evolves.

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