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Swedish newspaper Expressen built an online video channel to take on traditional TV

Expressen, one of Sweden’s oldest tabloid newspapers, is aiming to position itself as the “home of breaking news” in the country using online video.

The publisher has recently invested in two additional studios, that will use innovative technologies such as 3D and virtual graphics to produce more video for Expressen TV, its on-demand video platform.

“Print is no longer our only operation,” Bella Levy, head of Expressen TV, explained at the World Publishing Expo in Vienna.

“In 2015, we made the decision to expand Expressen TV. This was something we felt we had to do because of a massive market shift to breaking-news focus in 2014 – our old studio from 2005 was just too small.”

The news organisation’s online strategy is to produce 100 video clips per day, featured on the website alongside written articles. This is not an easy task, especially as the team aims to go live within 180 seconds of any breaking news event.

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