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A startup media site says AI can take bias out of news

AI has already started writing rudimentary news articles and assisting reporters, but a new startup launched this week says it will use AI to publish breaking news about a wide variety of topics.

The site is called “Knowhere,” and its creators say that they believe AI can be used to write unbiased news. The site will publish three versions of every article, aggregated from right-, left-, and center-leaning websites.

The site works by searching the internet for popular news stories. The algorithm sorts through newly published articles in near real time to determine what stories are being covered most by news sites.

Knowhere then aggregates stories from a continually expanding inventory of more than a thousand different sources with varying political persuasions to create a “knowledge graph” or database of each news story. The co-founders weighed each source for trustworthiness, so a publication with a longstanding history of accuracy like the New York Times is weighted differently than a site like Breitbart.

From there, three versions of any article are published: left, impartial, and right. These distinctions are meant to show the reader how word selection and emphasis can produce biased reporting.

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