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September issue ads by the numbers

David Cooperstein, advisor to programmatic platform PebblePost, said that marketers haven’t caught up to retailers when it comes to multichannel efforts.

“They think of a magazine as a silo, and then they go with what’s familiar,” he said. What’s familiar is rich, creative photography that takes the formula of model-plus-clothing-plus-alluring-stare and spread it across a print page or two. Marketers still think that capturing a reader with a visually interesting ad will be enough to leave an impression that will get a potential customer to return later.

“They think, if the ad is doing its job, we’d rather not distract the reader with something that takes them out of the magazine,” said Cooperstein. That includes a prompt to visit the website, search a hashtag or download an app.

Still, the shift is starting, and digital footprints are visible throughout the cumulative 1,914 pages of the top September issues in the industry: Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. Here’s a breakdown of the magazines’ ads by the numbers to give an idea of what’s happening between covers.

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