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Research shows most publishers don’t have a plan to address distributed content

New research suggests publishers are concerned about distributed content but may be at risk by taking a wait-and-see approach.

Publishing Executive has released a research report on how publishers are managing the challenges of distributed content (content hosted and consumed partially or in full on external platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google AMP, or Medium). The report is based on a survey of Publishing Executive’s audience of senior-level executives in the media and publishing industry on how they’re sizing up and managing the threats and opportunities associated with distributed content. (Download The Distributed Content Conundrum: Special Report on the Opportunities & Threats of Distributed Content for Publishers here.)

What stood out the most when reviewing the results of the survey was that while most publishers are concerned about the impact distributed content is having on their businesses, few publishers have a plan in place to do anything about it. 63% of publishers indicate they are concerned about distributed content, but only 27% of publishers have a plan to address distributed content – and only 8% say they have a thorough plan in place. Further, only 22% of publishers feel they are very aware of the impact that distributed content is having on their businesses.

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