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Re-thinking your audience development and engagement strategies: The Media Roundup

Re-thinking your audience development and engagement strategies

The advice from the AOP’s first in-person CRUNCH event of 2022 is to consistently update your approach to revenue in response to changing audience behaviours and trends. What does that actually mean?

Well for the Independent it was about developing a way to align calls to action with audience segments based on their level of engagement. Sounds sensible, but when you see the results – a 1,000% increase in monthly registration volume – it’s also game changing.

The other publishers and platforms featured in this report from a panel hosted by Charlotte Tobbit focus on community, click through rates and controlling audience data as foundations for sustainable publishing strategy. The bottom line, as always, is the better you know your audience, the better your business will do.

Marketers are unhappy with their Customer Data Platforms

Despite 66% of marketers saying CDPs are a “strategic priority”, many find the technologies fall short. A new Forrester report says just a tenth of those that operate the first-generation of customer data platforms believe their purchases are fit for purpose. But don’t despair, for publishers looking to upgrade, the CDP Institute’s RealCDP programme uses six handy criteria for the accreditation of vendors.

Talk TV’s troubles

It would be too easy to join in the Piers pile on, but what’s really interesting about this report is it uses Talk TV’s struggles to draw wider conclusions around the difference between US and UK TV. Charlotte Henry’s theory is that Brits don’t coalesce around personalities the way US audiences do and regulation gets in the way of hyper-partisan broadcasting. God, I hope she’s right.

People’s print magazine faces possible closure amid newsroom chaos: sources

People may scrap its weekly print edition as its new owner – Dotdash Meredith – looks to slash costs. Circulation has already been cut from 3.4 million to 2.5 million. But if that’s not bad enough, the title’s new editor, Liz Vaccariello, doesn’t appear to have the support of her team. “Staff in the editorial meetings are texting each other and rolling their eyes when she talks.” Bet she’s glad she took that job.

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