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Q&A: Teads, empowering publishers to offer industry-leading ad experiences

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Teads was founded in 2011, by Pierre Chappaz and Bertrand Quesada. Through its end-to-end platform, Teads provides demand-side, sell-side and creative technology and now has a team of 800+ in 26 countries worldwide. Particularly known for its video and made-for-mobile ad experiences, WNIP met up with Federico Benincasa, SVP Product – Publisher Solutions, to find out more about the company’s latest developments…

Can you give us some further background about your company?

We like to think of ourselves as a ‘Global Media Platform’ which unites and empowers the best publishers in the world to connect advertisers to an audience of over 1.5 billion people every month.

Through our end-to-end platform, Teads provides demand-side, sell-side and creative technology to deliver better media effectiveness for brands, better monetization solutions for publishers, and better experiences for consumers.

What business problem is your company addressing?

The advertising ecosystem is a growing industry with growing challenges:

Video is expensive to produce and scale, users deserve a respectful experience, clean advertising is difficult to maintain and advertisers have difficulty scaling in premium environments.

Some of these problems are not new, and some others are emerging following market tendencies. These clearly affect publishers’ monetization, and particularly publishers’ direct sales.

What is your core product addressing this problem?

Teads for Publishers (TFP) Enterprise Suite is a unique end-to-end full-stack to power publishers’ direct-sold business. The suite of tools is designed to give publishers the ability to scale ad inventory and generate incremental revenue while also allowing them to deliver premium, brand-safe user experiences.

TFP leverages several components of Teads’ proprietary technology that publishing partners will now have access to, including:

  • Teads Prediction AI: This ground-breaking AI helps maintain the most efficient use of publisher inventory and powers new publisher sales models including viewable CPM (vCPM) and Cost-per-Completed View (CPCV).
  • Teads Studio: A self-serve creative studio platform that gives both publishers and advertisers the ability to optimise advertising creatives.
  • Teads Audiences: Publishers can utilise contextual targeting tools, which offer a means to navigate and address privacy restrictions emerging from regulation (such as GDPR and CCPA) and web browser limitations (cookie-less environments), as well as Teads’ unique first-party data.
  • Teads Premium Ad Experiences: Teads’ full suite of inRead formats, across both video and display, are now available to publisher partners for their direct and programmatic sales efforts. 

Can you give some examples of publishers successfully using your solutions?

Here are some testimonials of publishers successfully using our product:

Nico Sennegon, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, The Economist, said, “Working with Teads has allowed us to deliver a reliable and customizable solution for our clients who are looking to connect with a globally curious readership in The Economist’s brand-safe environment.”

Errol Barran, Global SVP, BBC Global News: “Having a strong creative offer remains at the forefront of our commercial proposition to market. But that creative offer needs to provide the comfort and guarantee that it is not only safe but also underpinned by great user experience.”


Pricing details of the Teads for Publishers Enterprise Suite rely on tech fees (ad-serving fees, programmatic fees).

What are other people doing in the space and why?

The advertising ecosystem is fragmented with different actors that each have their own focus and specialisms. Our main differentiator and what sets us apart from our competitors is that our solution is the first Advertiser-Centric Publisher Suite. Teads is the convergence of media, creative, and technology with an end-to-end solution from the advertiser to the publisher; our competitors do not provide full-funnel capacities. In short, Teads brings publishers even closer to advertisers.

How do you view the future?

In the past three years, we have helped publishers grow their video inventory by 700% and tripled their monetization revenue. Moving forward we would like to keep the same pace and partner with our current and future publishers to grow their monetization revenue even further.

I also think that the ad industry will continue to change drastically. Publishers’ digital advertising revenue is under threat from multiple fronts, including browsers throttling 3rd party cookie tracking. Some publishers have already begun their cookie-less journey and contextual targeting may become a great additional source of revenue for publishers, especially in direct buys.

Thank you.

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