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Q&A: SmartyAds, reshaping the future of B2B programmatic advertising

Headquartered in New York and with offices worldwide, SmartyAds is a full stack package of complex ad tech solutions for B2B digital advertisers, publishers, and ad agencies. The company’s mission is to design high-quality solutions that fully automate digital advertising, incorporating elements of AI, blockchain and big data. WNIP caught up with its founder, Ivan Guzenko, to find out more…

Can you give us some background about your company?

SmartyAds LLP is a B2B programmatic advertising software developer that creates an infrastructure where media-buyers and sellers can trade seamlessly, reduce media-spend and maximize revenue across channels. Our solutions empower brands, agencies, publishers, app developers, and tech companies to achieve the highest results from digital advertising activities utilizing MA, AI, RTB, Header-Bidding, Blockchain, and other innovative technologies.

Founded in London in 2013, SmartyAds LLP has been steadily growing its capacities during the last decade and we now have 100 employees based in the USA (New York, Miami), Europe (London, Kiev), China (Shanghai, Hong Kong), and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).

What business problem is your company addressing?

SmartyAds works with B2B clients including supply and demand parties. An omnichannel approach to advertising combined with instant machine learning-based predictive analytics helps advertisers interpret a customer’s life cycle and adapt their strategy accordingly.

Programmatic delivers unparalleled advertising flexibility that allows the rapid scaling up of campaigns, enhancing customer retention and click-through rate with individualized offers. Programmatic buying based on innovative technologies and cost-efficient real-time bidding is a way to pioneer new interactive advertising mediums and create a successful media-buying strategy.

In the same breath, a key goal of most publishers is maximizing the value of their inventory to sell it at the highest possible price. Tech advancements, such as real-time-bidding and header-bidding, maximize demand and publishers’ income as a result.

Another significant advantage of header-bidding is that it supports a large variety of interactive videos like ‘rewarded’ or ‘playables’, which are the best revenue-drivers among mobile and in-app ad formats. Today, interactive video is the most valuable asset on an app publisher’s website. Demand for them significantly exceeds the supply, so mobile publishers that support such formats have the opportunity to sell their inventory via header-bidding auction at a maximum price.

How is your core product addressing this problem?

The focus of marketing communications is gradually shifting towards a better user experience. Accordingly, technologies that allow you to track, analyze, and apply customer experience data, build the most effective funnel for interaction with customers. All of this is embodied in SmartyAds advertising solutions.

The combination of first-party data and third-party data represents a value-adding targeting factor which is vital for effective media-trading. This kind of data helps publishers investigate the potential points of growth in terms of content individualization and gathering additional user insights.

SmartyAds DSP is an RTB-powered omnichannel self-serve demand-side platform that helps media-buyers, advertisers, and agencies purchase the finest quality inventory across the world in real-time. Ad campaigns are highly cost-efficient and personalized.

SmartyAds SSP solution for publishers and mobile developers is also a RTB-powered self-serve platform designed for real-time and direct inventory selling and management. In mobile and in-app ecosystems, unified auctions are supported by server-side and client-side header-bidding wrappers. Our tech maximizes publisher’s income and lets advertisers access the best quality inventory globally.

SmartyAds Ad Marketplace is an open programmatic software for both advertisers and publishers who can buy and sell digital inventory directly, without involving intermediaries. In such a marketplace, publishers can present a complete list of their inventory, meanwhile, advertisers access the broadest range of inventory types.

SmartyAds white label solutions represent fully customizable programmatic platforms for businesses that plan to capitalize White Label SSP, DSP, or DMP, according to their own corporate model.

SmartyAds DMP is designed for advertisers and publishers who strive to enhance their media-trading efficiency by enriching the programmatic systems with additional user data. After the data is collected from a multitude of sources, it automatically clusters and arranges user segments so that they can be integrated with any ad tech.

SmartyAds In-House toolbox is the first solution that allows taking all marketing communications under one roof. In-house toolbox saves a significant fraction of media-budgets that usually goes to programmatic solution providers, or, worse, to fraudsters.

Can you give some examples of publishers successfully using your solutions?

SmartyAds has worked with numerous publishers who belong to different business niches, and who have had different business objectives. When we talk about both header-bidding wrapper and app header bidding, they typically help our publishers increase revenues by 40-50% and boost revenue per visit by 20% on mobile and desktop platforms as well.


The pricing model is flexible depending on the budget, KPI, and business objectives. At the same time, it stays highly transparent. For instance, publishers don’t pay for the use of SSP platform, but when they serve an impression, they know exactly what commission is attributed to it.

What are other people doing in the space and why?

Today, media-selling platforms can do a lot – from inventory arrangement to the entire selling process automation. Our solutions not only stream workflows, they also help advertisers to stay in charge of what format, device or channel they want to monetize their inventory with.

Full-stack programmatic platforms build an entire infrastructure that removes the problem associated with separate vendor integration. Ad servers are at the heart of SmartyAds advertising solutions. They guarantee the clarity over media-trading commitments, ensure additional safety, transparency and support an unbiased impression-by-impression ecosystem. In addition, the platform becomes a gateway to real-time analytics. Using it, publishers can investigate performance metrics across the channels,  formats, and platforms.

How you do view the future?

Users have shifted from desktop to mobiles and TV streaming devices, especially when it comes to millennials aged 25-35. On mobiles, brands can collect more accurate information and behavioral data about their customers, track their movement via geolocation and hence, serve more effective ads. That’s a key reason why you can find CTV and geofencing advertising platforms among our latest deployed solutions.

Our product roadmap is extensive. By the end of 2019 we will have developed 11 robust solutions and products that we continually upgrade and improve daily. While unified auction is maturing on the web, we will continue to refine and upgrade our existing in-app header-bidding solutions and test new advertising mediums that’ll help publishers push their monetization strategies forward.

Thank you for your time.

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