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Q&A: Pushly, empowering publishers to own their audiences with web push

Pushly is a push notification platform that works with publishers to generate web push strategies to distribute content, boost subscriber retention, and drive revenue growth. Based in Kansas City, Mo, the company works with premium publishers such as McClatchy, Bankrate, The Advocate and others. WNIP caught up with James Redler, Director of Partnerships, to find out more…

Can you give us further background about your company?

Pushly launched in 2017 and holds the belief that in a time of profound digital change, publishers need innovative tools to maximize control over their content distribution. Our mission is simple: to help publishers find an easier way to connect with people after leaving their sites and conveniently let them know when there is something new to share.

Whilst Pushly is headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., we also have a presence in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Our clients are based worldwide.

What is your core product addressing this problem?

Pushly helps give publishers more control over their audiences by providing them with a direct, 1:1, and ad-free engagement platform to connect with interested visitors. Aside from email and search, web push is the only direct source of organic traffic to publisher sites. Web push notifications delivered on mobile and desktop are a reliable communication channel to grow visitors and create brand loyalty.

Push notifications break through cluttered social media channels and email inboxes to get people back to publisher sites – instead of building traffic for Facebook, Twitter, or other third parties. The publisher’s audience data remains theirs and they own this direct-to-visitor channel.

A publisher’s greatest weapon against the competition is its content. When combined with an opt-in channel like web push, which offers additional segmentation capabilities and A/B testing to deliver only the most relevant content to audiences, it is a win-win solution. More consistent audience volume equals greater advertising and digital subscription revenue, clearly making it a channel worthy of exploration for most publishers.

Can you give some examples of publishers successfully using your solution?

The Dallas Morning News has seen exponential audience growth since onboarding our platform nearly a year ago. To date, they’ve seen over three million incremental page views from push, thousands of digital subscriptions, 200 percent YoY growth in return traffic, and 20+ percent CTRs using our Smart Segmentation feature. What started as a test to distribute breaking news shocked the publisher, who then immediately scaled our web push solution beyond the newsroom’s audience team.


Most publishers launch with Pushly on a no-risk trial, during which they get access to all of our features, account management team and expertise. If they see the value of the platform they move to a flat monthly fee.

What are other people doing in the space and why?

It may seem like a crowded space, but the web push competitor landscape is actually pretty slim. The availability of a true browser-based audience engagement platform, specifically created for publisher audience and editorial teams, helps us stand apart. Publishers work with a data-driven account manager who assists with multivariate (A/B) testing, contextual and behavioral audience segmentation, and performance analytics to  effectively scale the channel while achieving an effective return on investment.

Thank you.