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Q&A: Ogury, uncovering unique insights into the mobile user’s journey

Ogury was co-founded in 2014 by Thomas Pasquet and Jean Canzoneri after realizing that signals contained in user journeys on mobile, combined with technology, could be turned into data that predicts human behavior, intentions, and interests. The two co-founders were especially passionate about first-party actionable data and its potential to transform the entire mobile ecosystem. WNIP caught up with Thomas Pasquet to find out more…

Can you give us some background about your company?
We were established in London in 2014 and have since gone on to expand internationally with offices in Belgrade, Cologne, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Boston, Chicago, and most recently, Mexico. The Sunday Times has ranked us as the 26th fastest growing tech company in the world.

We provide a cutting edge Mobile Journey Marketing (MJM) Cloud, a one-of-a-kind technology providing a comprehensive view of user behavior across both app and mobile web usage to brands and app publishers. Using Ogury, organizations have the ability to access the integrated data and technologies necessary to understand the entire mobile user journey, and market across it.

What business problem is your company addressing?
Ogury solves three critical problems that limit organizations’ effectiveness in their mobile strategy and execution: incomplete mobile user journey data, as organizations don’t see beyond their own apps, websites, ecosystem; poorly integrated consent, data, insights and activation platforms; and lack of transparency on user data collection and usage.

In full compliance with GDPR, and with a sharp focus on operational simplicity, Ogury MJM Cloud delivers unmatched user engagement and mobile asset revenue to 900 brands and 3,500 publishers across the globe.

What is your core product addressing this problem?
In today’s sensitive consumer privacy landscape, and especially with new regulations coming to light, like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the US, managing consumer consent has never been a more pressing issue, and Ogury provides solutions for this space.

Our core MJM product Ogury Consent Manager, is the world’s first open-source consent management platform:

  • Ogury Consent Manager: Allows brands to obtain and manage user choice and consent, to share mobile journey signals. Ogury Consent Manager handles user consent collection for all of a publisher’s partners, with one simple integration, ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR. Users are shown just one easy‑to‑manage and non‑disruptive consent notice giving them the control and freedom of choice over the data they share.
  • Ogury Consent Manager with Fair Choice: Providing clarity from the outset on the consent contract between consumers and publishers or brands should be outlined in clear, concise language and based on a fair choice, of how consumers help fund the online content they need and appreciate in order to gain insightful data. Ogury Consent Manager with “Fair Choice” provides users with three choices:
  1. Pay with money to access content in a marketing and data collection free environment.
  2. Exchange anonymous data, and receive personalized and relevant marketing recommendations that align to passions and interests.
  3. Opt-out from sharing data and currency entirely, at the risk of receiving more irrelevant ads and more advertising overall that damage user experience.
  • Active Insights: Ogury Active Insights provides a complete view of the entire mobile user journey across all apps, closing the knowledge gap left behind by standard analytics solutions. Fuelled by Ogury’s unique mobile journey data, Active Insights enables you to understand the performance of any app that matters to you, observe user behavior across all apps, and benchmark competitors on any KPI.
  • Intelligent Monetization: Ogury Intelligent Monetization increases your ARPDAU while improving overall user retention, engagement, and trust. Fuelled by unique consented data, and powered by a purpose-built Revenue Optimization Engine, it understands each individual user accurately enough to deliver value to them, and maximum revenue for brands and publishers.

Can you give some examples of publishers successfully using your solutions?
Zedge, a mobile customization platform, faced a major challenge, familiar to many publishers: how to increase overall monetization yield without compromising users’ in-app experience. Previously, Zedge relied on direct responses and performance-based advertisers. The company had resulting concerns over the quality of ads being served.

That is why Zedge selected Ogury as its strategic partner. Together we began to transform Zedge’s monetization strategy to serve users with relevant campaigns. With a clear understanding of Zedge’s current program, we sought to increase revenue and build trust, simply and intelligently.

Zedge leveraged Ogury’s Intelligent Monetization to identify mobile users and present to them relevant ads from world-class brands. Ogury provided Zedge a premium CPM up to six times higher than the industry average. Zedge’s users were also given the opportunity to opt-out of every ad served.

Pricing is dependent upon a brand’s needs; if anyone has questions about specific pricing they can visit our site here.

What are other people doing in the space and why?
When it comes to gathering data, many organizations are working to implement privacy protection for consumers, however, very few have truly been able to implement this. Ogury offers a truly unique product, changing the way publishers and brands are thinking when it comes to gathering mobile user behavior and data. Our company has pioneered the way consumer mobile data has been gathered via Ogury Consent Manager, as we collect raw signal data only after explicit user consent has been granted.

How do you view the future?
From the start of our journey, we have been focused on the consumer. Our ability to give consumers full transparency in both the US and Europe sets us apart, especially as the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) and discussions around a new US federal legislation continue for the near future.

We also believe clarity and integrity are essential in a digital environment, especially as our technologies become more and more complex and as companies work to develop clear understandings on the data privacy contract between consumers and publishers or brands. Consumers can’t be expected to understand or master all the technology running on their devices, they need to build a trustful relationship with ecosystems to have faith that all players are fully transparent.  

Thank you.