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Q&A: JustPremium, pioneering creative ad formats

JustPremium was founded in 2012 by Eric Visser and Harmen Tjaarda (CEO and CRO respectively). Privately held, the company is headquartered in Amsterdam and operates from 11 other locations across the globe, including London, New York, Dubai, and Brussels. WNIP caught up with Eric to find out more, not least his opinion on the current state of ad formats and why creativity remains so important.

What business problem is your company addressing? 

Digital advertising revolutionised the advertising world by providing solid engagement metrics to advertisers. For the first time they could see exactly how many users had viewed or engaged with their ad. But when it came to the design aesthetic and effectiveness of the creative, digital ads were generally limited to flashing banner ads with garish designs.

Our mission is to bring creativity to digital advertising by combining great formats with great engagement, and by providing quality digital media inventory at scale and a great service.

How do your solutions work? 

We offer our clients multiple buying solutions – meaning brands are able to run a high impact campaign on any publisher in the world through our network. This helps ensure all creatives are seen within a high-quality, attention-grabbing environment.

For publishers we offer simple-to-implement ad units alongside tech solutions for implementing Rich Media easily on desktop and mobile. These enable publishers to drive greater earnings through high-impact creative and header bidding. This provides additional ad space (and therefore additional revenue) and helps attract world-class advertisers. JustPremium units integrate seamlessly onto publishers’ sites, whilst maintaining full control over pricing, advertisers and impressions.

What are other people doing in the space and why?

At JustPremium we are a programmatic-first company. This means that through our Premium Publisher network, we are instantly able to provide advanced solutions for brands that allows them to find the right creative blend whether in Europe, the US, MENA or LATAM.

This offering of multiple solutions to both publishers and buyers is unmatched, with no other company being able to provide services varying from the traditional one tag approach to fully managed buys and our programmatic Rich Media DSP (Demand Side Platform).


Our pricing models are mainly based on cost per mille (CPM).

How do you view the future? 

Brand advertising on mobile devices is lifting off but we are still only scratching the surface of its potential. Some of our new formats like Mobile Skin allow publishers to create beautiful site skins that elevate the mobile ad experience from a simple direct response transaction to a genuine brand engagement, helping to create more memorable mobile experiences.

In a wider sense, the issues around brand safety and transparency will influence much of our thinking in the future. Ensuring our clients’ partners are shielded from these issues underpins much of our work – and we feel a wider responsibility to push the industry in the right direction. This is why we are proud to be a member of the Coalition for Better Ads.

From a subjective perspective, our goal is for JustPremium to be the company that makes “High Impact” a line-item in every media plan.

Anything else we should know about?

We are particularly excited about the potential of our latest format – The Mobile Skin. As previously mentioned, mobile is the present and the future. The Mobile Skin gives brands and publishers the chance to take advantage of a naturally sleek and seamless format, adding variety to a channel that has lacked truly creative formats.

Thank you.